Top loaders twist laundry like front loaders?

crthomsonFebruary 23, 2012

I have read through quite a bit of this lively forum and have not found the answer to this question. Do HE top loaders with no agitator twist clothes together the way my front loader does? Like, is it the same action in the drum only upright instead of on its side, thereby giving the same twisted result?


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asolo my own experience with owned machines, other people's machines, and laundromats FL's and TL's over forty years....sometimes things get twisted and sometimes they don't, regardless. I wouldn't make my occasional annoyance with it part of any buying decision. No matter what you get, it will happen sometimes.

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So, is it the high spin speed that does it? For me, after 5 years with a FL, it is more than an occasional annoyance, its a pretty much an every load annoyance. Maybe its all the tall people in my house with long legged jeans and such, but quite often its actually hard to remove stuff from the washer cause when you pull on one item, the whole ball is stuck together, and super wrinkled too. So, anyway, don't want to heat up the whole FL/TL debate, but I am getting a new machine and want a TL, and just wonder if that particular issue will remain if the new TL's have very high spin speed, and that is the culprit. (I am staying at a house during our renovation that has an old fashioned TL with agitator etc, and it has me longing for the old washes incredibly quickly and I can easily lift items out.) Plus no musty smell, but that's another whole story.

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High-speed spin does not cause tangling. Wrinkling, yes. Tangling, no. During spin, the items are pressed against the drum and are stationary w/respect to each other and the drum surface. Tangling occurs during the wash/rinse agitation or tumbling periods, when the items are moving over and round each other, before spin begins.

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Spin speed does not promote tangling.

Ditto on what asolo said, it can happen in both TL and FL. Some people will fold jeans before loading them and you could pull the sleeves of tops and such to the inside of the garment - if that makes sense - so they can't tangle.

For a top loader, just look at Speed Queen, really. Lately, I've seen so many pictures and videos of traditional top loaders with the Energy Star sticker on them that practically only fill the tub half full of water to save water. The result is obvious. :(


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Thank you for that input (it kind of always amazes me that people I don't know take the time to help).

I did not understand what was causing the tangling. Makes sense now.

I will look into Speed Queen. Had never heard of that brand, but from a quick perusal it does sound like what I am looking for--no bells and whistles, just clean clothes

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Short answer: Yes, the top load no agitator will twist your clothes into contortions you could not even imagine. Been there done that. Good luck!

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I have never had much of a problem at all with clothes twisting with any TL. Occasionally a couple things twist here and there but I fail to see how that is really a problem.

Just pull the clothes out, pull apart and wing in the dryer.

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Some HE TLs appear to be more prone to terrible tangling (based on reviews I've read). I imagine due to the way in which they move items through the drum.

I've used a FL for 11 years and while the occasional sleeve may be tangled it certainly isn't all the time or all that often.

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we got a top loader w/out an agitator, I can't believe how twisted the clothes are coming out. I spend several minutes each load, shaking the clothes out before they go into the dryer. And I can see the twist marks after they dry.

Never had this problem with an agitator top loader...If I'd known this was going to happen, I'd have gotten a front loader.

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Thanks for all input. I decided to go back in time and get a Speed Queen TL with agitator. I am currently staying at a house with an old Maytag and it made me realize how much I do not like my 5 year old Duet FL for various reasons (I know everyone's mileage varies on these issues, but the twisted clothes, long cycle times and steps needed to prevent musty smell did me in on what for me, is a necessary chore but not a "hobby" that I want to give a lot of thought to) So based on this forum's positive opinion (in general) about Speed Queen, and the same opinion from my local family owned appliance store, I pulled the trigger today. Being in the midst of a renovation of two full baths, I have decision fatigue, and am glad this little one is put to bed. Thanks again. I will report back in a few months about how its working for me.

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You did the right thing, congrats!

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I second that. You make a smart decision. Speed Queen is the most overlooked washer/dryer on the market. It has the reputation and customer satisfaction reputation that the old Maytag washer used to have.

I have the front load washer (5 months old). Both their top and front loader washers give you wash cycles of 45 minutes and shorter, no mold problems, minimal electronics (to give you problems), minimal twisting (in my case) and a commercial grade construction (with the longest warranty you will find). In addition, it is made in the USA, so you are keeping your neighbors employed.

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I wish I had remembered the Speed Queen as I just made a new purchase last Sunday (GE made in Canada that's ok with me) and had them delivered on Wednesday. Too late but will keep in mind for the future. I am seeking as is everyone I know to only buy American, Canadian with some German products and if there were such a thing British products. Tired of being ripped off by all the rest.

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OP, I hope you are as happy with your Speed Queen washer as I am with my Maytag Bravos. If so, you'll be very happy indeed.

I researched SQ when I was in the market for a new washer. I wanted a bigger capacity than they offered, I didn't want to spend as much as SQ cost, and service here is not readily available.

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I forgot to answer your question:

I have not had any problem at all with my Bravos washer twisting my laundry. My former conventional washers with a center post did, though.

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