Miele W4842 - 27 inch model

fpmomFebruary 14, 2014

Can anybody comment on their experience with Miele 27 inch Washer W4842 that was recently discontinued? It appears to have the same programs as the current 24 inch models so I'm wondering if it is the same quality/build as the smaller ones... I have an opportunity of purchasing a new one from Miele for $1399 which I think is a good buy - I do mainly small loads but I like the idea of being able to comfortably wash pillows (which I do regularly for allergy reasons) and larger items such as blankets etc... I also wonder if the larger model will cause less 'wrinkling' of garments for small loads if I am going to hang dry.... thoughts/experience?

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It's a very high quality machine.

They are/were more expensive than a comp. Korean or US variant and didn't sell well enough to continue.

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Thanks xedos
Have you used any european 24 inch FL's and can you compare? Or have you used other Miele machines to compare to the W4842?
Does it wash small loads just as well as larger? What do you like about it?

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I have the now discontinued 27-inch W4842 and have learned, the hard way, to never wash bed pillows in it. I used the Comforter cycle and the poly-fill came out a garbled, clumped-up balled-up mess inside the shells. Both pillows were totaled and had to be tossed. That is one of my few regrets of not having an good old fashioned water hog TL washer. If I wash bed pillows again, it will have to be in the bathtub. Therefore, it will never happen in my lifetime.

I cannot predict if the smaller drum would treat bed pillows any better. Anything with a sizable amount of fill comes out a disaster from our W4842. Only the 10- and 12-inch throw pillows have survived.

Quilts come out fine, as does the queen-size cotton matelassé bedspread.

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My unit is out of warranty and I had to replace the detergent drawer assembly. The detergent stopped emptying out because of an arm in the back of the assembly that stopped working and would not longer push the flap open. Said goodbye to over $300.

Now my pump is getting very loud...

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