Can you measure your Speed Queen W and D for me?

whiteycatFebruary 26, 2014

I am at the point when I would like to order the SQ AWN 542 washer and the ADE4BR electric dryer. My problem is I am limited to 29" depth-wise,

The original homeowners built a wood platform on top of the floor for their compact Bosch W and D. It is a 6" high platform made of wood, attached to the floor, tiled on top and finished on the front so it looks very nice. So it is basically permanent, unless I hire someone to tear it out and retile the floor under it. Problem is that it is only 29" deep from the front of the platform to the wall.

Do you think these SQ's will work? The top flat piece on them is 28" deep, but that is just the actual top piece that surrounds the lid. The back of the case below that is not as deep. It looked to be about an inch or so shorter at the store.

Can someone please measure how deep their washer and dryer is for me? Please measure the depth of both the top piece and the depth of the actual machine below the top ledge. Do you think that I could set up either machine within a 29" deep platform, so the front legs still sit on the platform?

Thanks for any help or advice!

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I have this washer. Looking now at the installation instruction page listing measurements.

cabinet width is 25.625"
cabinet depth including control panel is 28"
cabinet depth footprint is 26" without control panel overhang.
cabinet height with control panel is 40.25"
cabinet height without control panel is 36"

drawing shows position of feet slightly less than above dimensions.

dryer similar

Suspect your limitation may not be dimensions of cabinets/footprints of the machines themselves but having enough room for the hoses and ducts behind. No big deal for washer but the dryer vent must have full-flow duct to operate as intended....which may give you dimensional heartburn.

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Gas Dryer 28.5 deep to cab front; but I have a gas pipe without the 90 degree adaptor, so mine is 31.5 deep to turn the gas line. Electric dryer will be the same, but you will need to turn the power cord sharply coming out of the terminal block opening, which is recessed 1/2 to 3/4 inch under top panel back edge. Top panel of dryer also has some clips that protrude about a 1/4 inch behind top panel, but about even with sump in rear panel out rear.

I don't have the top load anymore, I have the front load, which has a cabinet about the same size as the dryer, with about 1.5 drain hose snug against cabinet rear.

Laundry vet

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Thanks Gwarstrong and Laundryvet for your replies. I did not realize that on the Speed Queen website, you can download the installation manuals. Thanks for the idea, Gwarstrong.

Turns out the dryer is deeper than the washer and will not really fit on our 29" deep platform. Dang! So now I will have to get someone to rip it our for us.

Thanks for your help!

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