r.i.p. Bosch axxis 2460 Miele arrives tues

lc96February 1, 2009

I hope to get more life from my Miele 3033 which arrives on Tuesday. We thought we were buying great quality in '00 when we bought the Bosch, but the dryer stopped last summer and the washer stopped several days ago. As the Bosch has already had a new computer/control panel (2 years ago?) and motor brushes/motor (3 years ago?) we do not want to spend any more money on a 9 year old machine. We are hoping that Miele lives up to its reputation.

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I don't blame you. I've read on appliance repair forums where Miele's have their fair share of problems. I think all FL washers do. My next purchase when I move is going to be a FL that has been on the market for years like the Frigemore. I rarely see complaints of control board issues with those machines. Usually its the spider problem but even that is suspect to wrong detergent and some owners report theirs being 10 to 12 years old and still going with no repairs.

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