Placement of knobs and pulls, Rails or Center of Panels?

Lorenza5064January 9, 2013

I am deciding where to place the hardware on my cabs and drawers. They will be 5 piece modified shaker (bevel on the inside of the rails) cabs. The rails will be about 2 1/2 inches wide. I have seen pulls placed in the center of drawer fronts and on the top rails of drawers. Have seen pulls on cab doors placed vertically and horizontally. There are obvious factors including clearances for projection of the knobs or pulls and personal preference. BUT, How did YOU decide on the placement of your hardware?

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I decided purely on aesthetics. But I have no clearance issues.

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We did something that probably isn't everyone's style, but it works for us. We placed the pulls horizontally on the middle of the smaller drawers, but on the larger drawers we placed them the same distance from the upper rail as the smaller ones:
On uppers and the pantry doors we placed them vertically (this was taken during remodel-pre real backsplash):

From dining room

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Most of our drawer stacks have a shallower slab front drawer at the top and deeper drawers underneath with the shaker fronts. We did this:

It's worked out well for us, but really this is totally a personal preference issue. If you don't have (or develop) strong feelings about it, just choose one and go for it.

There are several old threads with lots of options explained here. Try typing *knob pull placement* into Google and see what comes up.

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We went traditional Shaker style where drawers under 8" are slab. It really simplified the pull decision. I put the pull on the rail of our deep bottom drawer so I wouldn't have to reach down so far. Both deep drawers in our 3-drawer stack have pulls on the rails.

We also beveled the inside edges.

Your next thread will be to ask what size pulls to use for your drawers. ;)

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I copied leela4, and really like it. As a bonus, you only have to make one installation jig, instead of one for each new drawer size!

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Hi Lorenza. I've contributed to many threads on this very subject. I did a quick Internet search and came up with quite a few threads probably worth reading. I'll link one below, which also peripherally discusses pull size.

I decided I didn't like the look of pulls placed both vertically and horizontally in the same kitchen. Too busy for me. Plus, i have very few doors in the kitchen as most of my lower storage is drawers and I have few uppers. When I looked at pull placement for the trash pullout, I knew ergonomics dictated a horizontal pull like a drawer because it does pull out just like a drawer does. Since I wanted the other doors (only the sink bases and one corner cab) in the kitchen to look the same, all needed horizontal pulls. To me, the sink base doors are much easier to open than if I placed the pulls vertically, which would necessarily mean lower on the doors. Ditto the upper cabs. So, I have a horizontally-pulled kitchen!

And I've never been a knob girl, although I did use some crystal knobs on my dish hutch and on my liquor cab in the DR.

Trash pullout is the doored cab at the end of the island across from the cleanup sink.

Fourteen months later, I'm very pleased with all my hardware decisions!

Here is a link that might be useful: One such placement thread

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Here are the results from the Internet search I mentioned above. Much more reading! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: More threads on placement

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