Difference between Miele models

Sandy16February 7, 2012

Hello. I have been shopping for a second washer/dryer set for my home. I was between Asko and Miele. A long talk with the salesman at the appliance store has dissuaded me from considering Asko. Now I am between the Miele w3033, 2.52 cu ft and the w4842, 4 cu ft. The 3033 is about $100 more than the 4842 and 1.48 cu ft smaller. The set I will be keeping downstairs is a 4 ft LG. I am hoping one of the Miele wizards on here can answer a few questions for me.

What are the differences, other than size, between the two models? The 3033 seems even more tank like but it could just be the size.

Is 2.52 cu ft large enough to wash clothing for a family of 5?

Will the 4842 perform well if runnng 1/2 loads? This is big issue for my LG which has made me consider a smaller unit.

I have a dryer that I can use with the washer but I am wondering if there are any advantages to the Miele dryer? These will be upstairs and not seen by guests so matching is not important to me.

Thanks in advance for any input / opinion.

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Hi Sandy16!

My understanding is that the W3033 contains a stainless outer tub while the W4842 has a fiberglass/plastic outer tub. Some say that the W3033 is better built, although I don't think that's the case - both machines are excellently designed and manufactured. I do not think that the W3033 capacity will satisfy a family of 5. Also, the W3033 doesn't offer any features or cycles that you can't get on the W4842 - even the heater is the same 110v and will heat to 158 F maximum on both machines.

I would go for the larger capacity. I've washed small loads in the W4842 and it automatically adjusts to the smaller load size. It works equally well whether filled to capacity or only partially.

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Thank you! I had a good sales guy but specs are not always equal to user experience. He didn't mention the outer tub difference but that the 3033 has a cast iron cradle. Looking online it seems that one is 110v and the other 120. With a second 4' set downstairs I could get by with the smaller capacity up but it doesn't seem like there is a reason to.

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We have the W4842 and are only two people (empty-nest). I run half-size loads (filled up 50% to 60% all the time, and my clothes come out great. The machine handles it quite well. The machine also handles the very small loads on the Express cycle very, very well. I don't do many of those, but when I do, it's great.

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We are a family of 3, and I found our W3033 to be too small...especially with our Calif. King Sheet Sets. Also, with a small kid, it is great being able to wash full and queen sized blankets in our W4842. I too felt the W3033 felt a bit more "tank like", but the W4842 is rock solid (especially when you compare it to other makes of $1000-$2000 machines).

While I love my W4842, I REALLY LOVE my T9802 Electric Miele dryer. Clothes are so soft, fluffy and wrinkle free. Miele Electric Dryers reverse tumble more often than their gas dryer. I could probably learn to love another make of washer, but I would not part with my Miele Electric Dryer!!!

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@ Sandy16

The W4842 also has a cast iron cradle. It's a solidly built machine - I smile every time I open and close the heavy glass door. :) There is just no comparison to anything you can buy in the boxed goods stores.

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Looking on Miele Canada's website, I don't see many differences. Although, their website is notoriously wrong.

It says both have an angled drum but I thought the smaller units were true H axis - anyone know?

It says both are 120V. Have almost identical programs.

I have the W4842 in my basement laundry and have considered adding one of the smaller washers upstairs. Just as an extra so the smaller size would be fine for my purposes.

I find with the length of the cycles, two washers would be handy. I think one dryer is sufficient as dry times are much less than wash times (IMO). Having said that, I do love my Miele gas dryer.

If space isn't a consideration then I can't see a benefit to the smaller unit.

One main difference is that the W4XXX machines cannot be mounted under counter but the smaller units can.

I run small loads all the time in my machine with no issues. When I do delicates it's often really small and the machine handles them well. I hardly ever fill it up and we are a family of four. I do separate well and try and do laundry daily so that helps.

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Live better
The 3033 does not have an angled drum. Is that what "true H axis" means? If so, how is it different? The FL I have now is an LG that I bought for $350 from Home Depot when my TL spontaneously died. For that price I didn't do a lot of homework and honestly didn't expect it to be issue free 6 yrs later. I could get by with a smaller set up, using it for clothing only, if there is a reason to.

Thank you for the dryer info. Sounds like I should get the set.

Out of all the differences between my LG and the Mieles the thing that I really lived was the rubber gasket/seal on the Miele. It looks so much sturdier and easier to clean out than what I have now. The whole washer is thoughtfully built. It reminds me of my old Volvo. Some bells and whistles but all about performance.

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I'm headed back to the store this afternoon. I'm leaning towards the smaller set.

Larsi - You felt the 3033 was just too small. If you didn't need it for blankets and bulky items, was it large enough for everyday clothing? I do laundry daily for myself and 3 children. My husband travels for work and isn't contributing on a daily basis.

Sshrivastava - how small is the small set you refer to?

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@ Sandy16...

When it was just my Partner and I, then our W3033 (and W1986 before the 33) was fine for our clothes and bath and kitchen towels. It handled our CA King sheet sets, but it was always a tight fit. Blankets and beach towels were not really possible. I find with the W4842, I can now do big loads or small loads. With the W3033, you do not have the option of large loads.

That being said, most of Europe gets along just fine with W3033 sized (or smaller) washers!

One benefit of the smaller Miele washers, was that they heated to almost boiling. Now, they are "regular" current like the W4842. The W4842 will heat to almost 160F, which is still VERY hot. Just using the basic MasterCare Extra White setting on my W4842....gives me flawlessly white clothes though. Love Miele!!!

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Thank you! After checking them out in person today I am leaning to the smaller set. I'm also now in love with a Viking stove but it will have to wait. LOL!

Looking at smaller sets brings Asko back in. The store won't sell the big Askos but does have the smaller 220 v models. The Askos are 1300 less, have an additional 2 years of warranty and the store will add an extra 10 year warranty on major components for either. Looks like I'm back to research.

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Argh. The Asko is not 220v but does heat to 205. A little dim in the head tonight.

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The smaller Askos are 220v and will heat to 205. You can't get to such a temperature unless your machine is 220v. I also don't think you will be satisfied with the smaller capacity of the Askos or Miele W3033 for a family of 5. In your case, I think size trumps temperature or voltage.

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I have the Miele W1213 which I believe is similar in size to the W3033. It is a 220 V. We are a family of 5 (all adult sized kids now). I do a few more loads per week compared to when I had a larger TL, but it is still certainly workable, especially if you are sorting your laundry properly.

I love it! IDK if the boil wash temps bring much to the party for us, but its a nice option to have. It is indeed built like a tank. And because its a true horizontal axis it holds a lot more than it looks like it will.

My laundry room is more of a closet really, and the stackable option works well for me.

I also have a King size bed, but it is an Eastern King, not California King. So far I have been able to fit everything in there that I need to bedding wise, with the exception of my down comforters, but I haven't tired. They ARE washable, but I will have to research further. My other bedding (besides sheets) are quilts, coverlets, bedspreads and duvets. All work fine. I do NOT have a heavy (bulky) comforter.

The best thing I can suggest is to take some laundry samples to the store and see how they fit for you. This is what I did and it helped ease my mind.

I have had to adjust the way I did laundry, but I'm glad I did. End the end I got MUCH improved results. My kids still try and stuff-and-go method, but they are learning.


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