A/C Condenser Replacement Only?

jhschlakJune 30, 2012


I have 2 trane 1000XE AC units that are 15 years old. One broke down today and got me thinking about replacement. Is it a wise idea to just replace the outside condenser units and nothing else? Or is this commonly done? Isn't there some air conditioning parts that are above the furnace as well? As you can tell I am clueless, but trying to gain some insight.



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You will need to replace the coil which sits above the furnace. The reason for this is you want a matching coil and condenser, and the new unit uses a different refrigerant (R410) than what your old unit used (R22). I also recommend replacing the lineset (copper tubing between the coil and condenser).

What is the age and condition of the furnace?

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Furnaces are Trane units that are 15 years old as well. They have not broken down in the 2 years I have lived here. This is the 3rd breakdown for the AC units however. Can I replace the furnaces at a later date?

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Replace outside condenser and matching indoor evap coil. Unless you have VS blower on furnace, stick with a good 13 SEER condenser. Does not have to be Trane. Your choice.


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