How do you clean behind your stacked W&D?

eleenaFebruary 6, 2013

My W&D are on the floor (not stacked) but they are heavy and I haven't pulled them out to clean for a couple of years. The space is so tight that pulling them out is a major hassle. I try to vacuum behind them from the top but it is not very effective. It "kills" me to see the dirt around them.

I am thinking of getting a new pair and stacking them but that would make cleaning behind impossible, wouldn't it?

What do you do?


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Boy do I ever feel you pain... I think all dryers have some lint that bypasses the ductwork and that is what accumulates behind them. Mine gets absolutely disgusting. Luckily I do have a counter top beside mine to sit on and reach back there with the vacuum hose... but even with that there are tight spaces I cannot get into. I have a swiffer with the extension handle and it works really good to get into those spaces. The handle not only extends to a pretty good length, the end can be chanced to different angles. You might try one of those. If I take the lint filter out that is inside the dryer I can also see accumulated lint in that part of the dryer and the swiffer sticks down into that tight space good also. Here while back I accidentally dropped a light bulb and guess where it went and broke?...It was heck vacuuming that from behind the washer and dryer...

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"Disgusting" doesn't come close to describing it, LOL. I am dreading the cleaning part after we pull the W&D out in a couple of week.

I am not sure about lint escaping but all electrical appliances attract a lot of dust, IME. Computers require almost daily dusting around them. :-(

Why did I not think of the swifter???

Thank you so much!

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At one time I thought someone made a special vacuum attachment for this. Essentially a narrow wand about 4' long.

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You can make a wand using PVC. Go to the plumbing dept. at Lowes and look at their fittings. That is what I did awhile back when I needed a long reach.

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Could you please post a picture of yours - unless it is too much to ask? :-)

I am not very handy and I cannot visualize what you are describing.


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He's suggesting going to the plumbing section at the big box store and find a piece of PVC pipe the same diameter as your vacuum cleaner pipes.

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