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TonyV45February 16, 2013

So i got my Speed Queen washer and dryer. Really like them so far. Drying my clothes seems to take half the time it use to. I'm glad i purchased it. I have a question as far as detergent is concerned. For those with a Speed Queen are you using non He detergent or are you using the He detergent that you can use in both He and conventional machines? Right now im using Arm and hammer with oxi clean. I am using about 2 cap fulls per large load. Which detergent and how much of it are you using for you white and colored clothes?

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Im finishing up my HE detergent that I had from my waveforce washer. I got Arm &hammer, and Tide. I just use a capfull for a large load and had great results with it. HE detergent makes less suds and rinses better than non HE. I may stick to to HE for that reason. A&H is low sudsing across the board, so it works well. You may want to cut back on that large amount our using Tony

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