Fisher Paykell GWL11 - No Water

STIMRFebruary 19, 2014

My washer will not pump any water (hot or cold) at any point in the cycle. I have checked the water supply and screens and they are both fine.

The drum will rotate slowly and it sounds as if the pump is trying to pump water, but not receiving any.

In diagnostic mode the last fault code is #43 -Out of balance. I've tested the balance by pushing the drum to the rear and right and the 4th wash light turns on as suggested on the forum.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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You apparently are confused on the function of the pump.

The pump is not involved in filling water into the machine. Water fills through the hot and cold valves via household supply pressure ... like water flowing from a faucet. The valves are electric solenoids that open when current is sent to them from the control board. If water does not flow in through the valves then either the valves are burned out, or the control board is bad and not sending power to them.

Check the valves via Diagnostic Mode.

With power off, press and hold Wash Temp Down, then press Power at the same time. Two beeps and the panel activates. Release the buttons.

Press Wash Temp Down to turn the cold valve on and off.

Press Wash Temp Up to turn the hot valve on and off.

Press Power to exit Diagnostics when done.

Does the water run? If not, then either the valves or the board is bad. Check the valves with a volt/ohm meter to confirm if they are the problem. Both should test 64 ohms resistance.

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Thank you for your reply.

I have tested both the hot and cold water valve in diagnostic mode and water does not run in either case.

I understand the function of the pump, apologizes for not being clear. I was just providing additional information that when the machine is started, the pump starts running. In fact, even after the Power button is turn off the pump continues to run, until the unit it unplugged.

I will test with an Ohm meter this evening, but I fear it may be the control board.

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Does sound like a bad board. It'd be unusual that both valves go bad at the same time ... a bad board is more likely to affect both ... also the pump running continuously.

Examine the pump for evidence of leaking, mineral deposits on it, and check it for 7 ohms resistance reading. A flaky pump can affect the board, although the usual effect is the board goes dead, which is not your symptom.

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