Bianco Romano or River White with Chiffon white cabinets

tblmomJanuary 5, 2013

After debating between dark or light counters with our white cabinets, we are back to light counters. We are possibly the most indecisive people out there.

We were all set on pure white cabinets, but when we went to the Merillat showroom, they showed us a chiffon white, which is a softer, creamy off-white that we loved. We took the wood samples home and it looks really nice in our light.

We wanted a white/gray granite to go with the pure white cabinets but now we want something with a hint of gold/beige to go with the chiffon. We still want it to read mostly white, just a softer white.

I like the bianco romano, but am curious about the River White. Our showroom didn't have that sample, so I've never seen it in real life. Does that come off as a colder white or is there some gold in that? We may also do Kashmir White depending on our budget....but I've read so many stories about that staining.

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How about colonial gold, or cream?

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I suspect it varies slab to slab, so you'll want to take a look with your cabinet door. That said, the river white I've seen has been on the cooler side. I second ellendi's suggestion of colonial cream.

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I have River White and it is very cool - grey, blk and white with some cranberry spots. Like measles. :)

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I might debate the winner of the indecision crown (I crowned my wife decades ago), but I think you might find the results of our research helpful.
Unless you're ambivalent, decide on how much motion and what kind of motion you like.
Don't fall in love with a name, fall in love with a specific slab or group of slabs. If you're dealing with a granite yard, make a note not only of the name, but also the lot number and the slab number(s) you want. Even within a lot there can be significant variations.
If you search this forum you will find some outstanding examples of delicatus gold, namibian gold, and solarius. While all 3 of these can be INTENSELY gold, but if you find the right lot you will have a gorgious whitish background with infusions of golds and greys and creams.
When you find the slab you like, get a hold on it right then and there. It's not like you can wait for an identical one to come in in the next lot. When that slab is gone, it's gone.
If you're in Massachusetts, we may be the couple next to you agonizing over the same slabs :)
Good hunting

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tblmom, which granite did you end up choosing and are your cabinets installed yet as I would love to see pictures.

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I have river white, and while this particular color tends to vary greatly from lot to lot, ours is very cool toned. A lot of cool grey and bright, silvery white. With purple streaks. The counters in my house would not go well with a gold/yellow white.

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