Stacking dilemma

eleenaFebruary 8, 2013

I want to stack my future (stackable) washer and dryer.

However, my back kills me every time I bend to load the laundry into my current full-size washer that sits on the floor. I am thinking of getting compact W & D and the opening may even be lower in those.

I could use a pedestal to bring it up but how do I go about stacking them then?

The CS rep I talked to said I could do one or the other but not both.

Is there a solution to this problem?

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make your own pedestal?

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That is exactly what I had in mind but somebody (who is a kitchen or interior designer, if I am not mistaken) said on the Appliances forum that it'd void the warranty.

I am going to call the manufacturer. I just don't know which one as I cannot decide on the washer. :-)

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I do not believe you can stack any washer and dryer that has a pedestal. At least not the Euro ones you are considering, according to your other threads. If there is any way not to stack then that would be the way to go. Good luck.

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I've always been told one or the other. Even if you make a platform as sturdy as the original floor, consider that you have to be able to reach into the dryer, see into it to get that last sock, etc. and the things will likely need service someday -- for which you are creating an additional issue.

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We can't win, can we? :-(

So, I am not stacking them. My back pain speaks louder than whatever convenience stacking may provide.

Thank you!

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