Can I get some washer/dryer advice? Model no.'s included.

StitchHappyMamaFebruary 8, 2013

Our Whirlpool Duet Sport dryer (model no WED8300SW1) died a few days ago. It's displaying an F-01 code which I have been told means it needs a new central control unit to the tune of roughly $300. I don't like the dryer that much. I'm buy used and getting a GE dryer, model no. GTDP208EDWW. If you know anything about this particular dryer, tell me all about it please.

I have a Whirlpool Duet Sport front-loader washing machine (model no WFW8400TW00) that I don't love. It works well so I plan on selling it and replacing it with something better-suited for us.

The guy I'm buying the dryer from has offered to trade my FL'ing washing machine for a GE Hydrowave with agitator (model no WJRE5550HWW) or a Whirlpool Direct Drive (model no LSQ9549LQ0). I've researched both and I don't think either are a good fit for me.

Can you recommend a good, basic, easy-to-repair washing machine for us? I want something that loads from the top, that uses enough water to get my clothes clean and is more gentle on clothes. We're a family of 5 with small children so I'll be washing at least a load a day, but probably about 3 loads a day. We cloth diaper also and the washing machine I have just isn't doing a good job at getting our diapers really clean.

I don't mind older models as long as they are very reliable. Sorry for all the chatter. I'm completely overwhelmed with this decision and have probably already over-analyzed. I really appreciate any help you can offer.

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Speed Queen, Speed Queen, Speed Queen!!! A Speed Queen has everything that you are asking for, and nothing that you don't need. I've had my model AWN542 since May '12 and I am in love with this washing machine. It is built like a tank, actually uses WATER to get my clothes clean, doesn't have a bunch of electronic crap to break, and washes load after load after load beautifully. In all the time I've had it, it has never had an unbalanced load, even when washing throw rugs or blankets. The 542 model has gentle and delicate cycles and an extra rinse cycle as well. A 3-year warranty is standard. It is more expensive than most top loaders (mine was $830 OTD), but it is a very well made and simple machine and I don't see myself replacing it for a long, long time. After seeing what else was out there, I didn't blink at paying the extra money for the Speed Queen. I can't recommend this machine enough! Seriously, go look at everything else, and then go look at the Speed Queen. It won't hurt to read the testimonials online, either. People are happy with this washing machine because it does what it should do ... clean clothes WELL.

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