9 Month old Magtag Bravos F51 code

suek_1050February 11, 2010

I have a 9 month old $1000 washer that will not finish a load. I purchased this to save energy & water & gave away a perfectly good 20 yr. old Kitchenaid washer. I called in the expert on Monday. He claims that it needs a new computer so he brings it in and low and behold I need a B computer & he only has a C computer. This is exactly what he tells me honestly. Apparently now no one has this B computer so it's ordered & I wait. How long it takes I have no idea. My problem is I read online that it's not the computer but the motion position sensor that needs to be looked at. I tell him this but he insists it's the computer. So I wait not convinced that when he comes back with the B computer it will actually be fixed. Anyone have any suggestions for me?

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When you called for the repair, did you give them your model number on your Bravos? This is always the first thing any repair service ask for? It would tell them exactly all they need to know about your machine. Buy the way, does yours have the internal water water, Im just curious on this, its no importance to your repair

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I also been looking around found this link

don't know if it can help or not.

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Yes, I did give them all my info including Model# & serial#. I had registered my washer & dryer when I purchased the pair & they had all my info. I also told them it was an F51 code coming up. You would think that would have been enough info to bring the right part. Oh well, still waiting. I did my second trip to the laundromat today. At least no one stole my laundry out of the machine like they did on my last visit. By the way I have no idea if it has an internal water washer and yes this is the link I showed the repair man. He wasn't interested but thanks anyway.

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If you had the heater, it would tell you on your panel that you do and give you the option to use it or not. It sounds like your repairman is clueless, the model number would show them what computer panel is in your machine. I am sorry you have to fo through this and glad your laundry hasnt been stolen in the laundramat. I had to use one when a hurrican knocked out my power...never will I forget that experience. I thought I was gonna have to beat some butt in that place

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It's interesting that Fisher & Paykel uses the same motor and position sensor in their machines. Well, that design. A sensor or individual motor components may or may not directly swap between the various models. It's F&P's design, Whirlpool licensed it for use in the Oasis/Cabrio/Bravos. The same problem may occur in F&P machines, but it seems to a much lesser degree. I have two F&P washers. One is 10-1/2 years old, the other is 5-1/2. Neither has had this problem. Perhaps F&P uses different connectors on the sensors. In fact, my machines haven't had any repairs at all. Electronics, computer boards and such, in a washing machine does not necessarily mean frequent trouble will occur.

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so... what is your model number ?

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I do not have any knowledge on F&P machines. I did read on the F&P website, the owners manual for the aqua Smart washer. It stated that they do not recommend the use of Fabric Softener in the machine, and if used, only a min amount. The recommend not always washing in cold water, and if you do, to wash every 5-6 load in warm or hot. This is to prevent the Scud buildup that smells and creates mold in any HE machine. What shocked me, was the DO NOT recommend washing curtins, as the sun may have dry rotted them and they will fall apart in the machine. That kind of scared me off, is the machine harsh?

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The model # Is MVWB800VQO. The control panel does have a button for clean boost with heater option. I must say I loved this machine until this all started. It did almost always have the UL(unbalanced load) code come up with the sheets(even with a single set of full size sheets) though I could deal with that. I'm guessing it was all related as the F51 code first showed up with a load of 4 towels which by the way were all stolen at the laundromat the following day. Still waiting for the part & still don't have a washer.

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only (1) "computer" listed for that model at SearsPartsDirect.com, and no mention of any "B" or "C" ...

Unless he's talking about the whole Console # 9, then there are (3) different ones ...

Here is a link that might be useful: MVWB800VQ0 Control Panel Parts

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suek1050.........does the stainless steel basket turn freely? Try giving it a spin by hand. If it does not rotate easily & freely, there could be an clothing item caught between the drum and the outer tub. A very common cause of an F51 error code.

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I have the same washer. I won't go into the problems I had only to say that I supposedly needed a new control board and was told it was on backorder for several months. I was having an LF code problem. Anyway, I was fit to be tied as this was a new machine and had never worked correctly when using a hot wash. When I found out about the part being on back order, I called the warranty section at Maytag (used the 1-800-688-9900). Find out if the part has been requested by your repair people, when it is to be shipped and make sure to get the person's name you are talking to. If you call back, ask for that person.

You can order the part yourself and have it shipped to the place that will do the repair. Of course you hope that will solve the problem. After a valve, 2 control boards, and another valve (which was I needed), it has worked every since.

Fuss, fuss, fuss if they tell you its on backorder. I amazingly got one sent out right away when I told them I would post on a Laundry forum all the problems I had with their Bravos and with the service.

I don't have problems with sheets making the machine unbalanced. If you drop them in one at a time around the bottom and don't cover the middle, it works fine.

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Forgot to also ask you - did you use an approved Maytag repair business? the reason I asked is that the repair guy had to call Maytag and get permisssion to order the part. Maybe that is why there maybe confusion as to the part needed.

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I got the control board delivered today. I have no idea if it is actually the right one. The repairman is coming tomorrow & we shall see what happens. I did call Maytag to get the approved Maytag repair service as my washer is still under warranty. Needless to say I will be purchasing an extended service warranty for this machine. I did use the hot water option with a load of towels when this all began. I usually use the warm water option. Don't know what to think. Thanks for all your help. I'll keep you posted.

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Well, here's the latest news on my Maytag Bravos. The repairman was here today for 1 1/2 hrs. He installed the new computer. Which by the way he said was an older model than the one in our machine. After installing a new code appeared F54?? He worked for the longest time & couldn't figure out what to do next. He ordered a new motor & told us to go back to PC Richards & complain. I never thought the store would be of any help, but low & behold they offered us an exchange of any machine we wanted. Of course we had to pay the $200 difference as we chose the new Electrolux model which was $200 more than we paid for the Bravos (which by the way has been discontinued no surprise there). I did no research as I had no idea I would be picking out a new washer today but I figured I would try something different. If anyone has any info I would appreciate it. I can't wait till this is all over & I get my new washer!! Thanks.

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You are very lucky the store worked with you. hhgregg where we bought ours said once we asked for a repair, they would no longer take it back. Duh... would we be asking them to take it back if it worked?? And ours was only a couple weeks old when we had problems and had never worked right.

Good luck with your new machine!

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F54 is Motor Control Overcurrent, meaning the control board is detecting higher-than-normal electric current on the drive motor, ostensibly due to excess drag/friction on the basket/drive shaft. Procedure is to check if the basket turns freely. If not, check what's causing the restriction ... and if it does turn freely, run some specific tests to trace-down what is otherwise the cause. Your tech didn't have a service manual to reference the diagnosis procedures? BTW, if you want a service manual, they're available for free download on Whirlpool's service web site ServiceMatters.com

The specific model you have may have been superceded by a new model, but Bravos machines have not been discontinued.

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The basket was removed & had nothing keeping it from turning. After the new computer was installed the basket did not turn at all. The computer detecting higher than normal electric current on the drive motor doesn't really sound all too safe to me. My husband is a NYC Fire Dept. Battalion Chief & he was not all too happy with that one either. We are relieved to be getting rid of this machine. Tomorrow is the switch day & I have been without a machine for 13 days now. I personally think that is way too long for a household with a less than 1 year old machine should be without one.

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