Please Provide HVAC/Geothermal Primer!

jmcgowanJune 30, 2011


We just started a renovation/addition on our 1960s home in the Washington, DC metro region. We are considering installing a geothermal system (e.g., Climate Master Tranquility 27 unit/s). I am looking to get up to speed so I can ask intelligent questions as we consider various HVAC options and costs - particularly related to this type of geothermal system. As we go to bid, would you please help me know what I should be looking for from each bidder/installer?

I want to get this right, and have time to do a lot of research, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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Attached is a link to a "shopper's list" for geothermal heat pumps that may be of some use to you. I am in the researching/cost evaluation phase of replacing my HVAC system as well, and am considering geothermal as one option.

Here is a link that might be useful: Geothermal heat pump shopper's checklist

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