Ariel Double Power?

OneBigMessFebruary 3, 2013

Well, as I mentioned in my previous thread, I was very close to a Ethnic/International Grocery Store, this weekend, and I was able to pick up two 5kg bags of Ariel.

I am wondering though, what is this Double Power (Doble Poder) stuff? Everyone here has talked about Oxilannos, and OxiAzul, everything else. I've searched and searched, and no one has mentioned this stuff before...

I'm attaching Pics, so you guys can see what I'm talking about. They also had Double Power with Downy, and Low Foam version in there store, however, I didn't wanna grab it, as I didn't want additional scenting on my clothes, and I don't know how much to use of "low foam".

Also.. if any of you guys can read the ingredients list, it'd be comforting to know, I didn't just grab a Americanized bag of Ariel..

Front of Bag

Back of Bag

Ingredients List

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Thanks to Google Translate, I somewhat have a better idea about the ingredients.

[ayudas de proceso, agentes de limpieza, dodecilbenceno sulfonato de sodio (ingrediente basico), ablandador de agua, intensificadores de limpieza, agentes antirredepositantes, enzimas, perfume, abrillantadores opticos y colorantes, Biodegradabilidad minima del tensoactivo : 90% No Contiene Cloro.]

Translates as..

processing aids, cleaning agents, sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate (basic ingredient), water softener, cleaning intensifiers, antirredepositantes agents, enzymes, perfume, optical brighteners and dyes, surfactant biodegradability Minimum: 90% does not contain chlorine.

I wonder if Phosphate is the water softener, or could it be Sodium Carbonate.

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Also, what would be a acceptable amount for a front loader?

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The bag I bought at my local Hispanic grocer said free of phosphates.

I have used it in my fl washer. It has a very strong scent and worked like Tide and was just as difficult to rinse out in my soft water. I used 2 tbsp per load. You'll have to play around with dosage depending on your water hardness.

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@Sandy, was the word "Phosphate Free" on a sticker on the packaging, or was it printed on the bag in any way?

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Our baby sitter is from South America and translated the ingredients. There was a line on the package that stated it was now free of phosphates. Are you trying to find a detergent with phosphates? If so, why?

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Well, considering what "Phosphate Free" has done to our dishwasher, I'd like to know, what it's doing for our clothing.

I think it'd be nice, to use something then Tide, and maybe even have cleaner clothes. :)

I'm just shocked to hear, that Ariel is now Phosphate free :(

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You can buy TSP by itself through the chemistry store, to name one place, and add it as needed to your dishwasher, laundry. There are some posts in this forum from members who did that. Not having hard water, I can't judge :).

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