Show Me Your Wood Paneled Dishwasher Please!

katiekitchenJanuary 28, 2009

So, we got a Miele dishwasher that accepts a panel and the cabinetmaker just put the panel on the other day. I was a little surprised that the panel doesn't look like all of the other cabinets in the kitchen (with a drawer on top and then a door or all drawers). It is just one large door with a cup pull up at the top (the cup pull on it ends up higher than all of the other cup pulls in the kitchen). It also doesn't have the furniture feet like the other cabinets. I can see how feet may get in the way when opening the dishwasher, but I'm trying to get some ideas (before I talk to the cabinetmaker) of how other people have made their paneled dishwashers fit in with the rest of their kitchens. So, please show me your wood paneled dishwashers.

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My KD designed the panel to look like a seamless piece of the cabinets. The whole run has a drawer at the top.

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You can see a picture of mine at my contractor's website (, Galleria project). It's in the first picture to the right of the sink. The dishwasher is a Miele.

The cabinets are KraftMaid. They have a dishwasher panel, but I didn't like the look. The contractor built the panel from a drawer front, a door, and a sheet of paneling from KraftMaid. So it flows with the adjacent cabinets. The panel does not extend as far down as the other cabinets,

He didn't do anything at all with the toekick. This section does need to be removable. But your cabinetmaker may be able to fabricate something that attaches to the toekick panel and gets closer to the look you want.

He did similar work for the undercounter icemaker and bar fridge. (BTW, these two appliances have since been pushed further under the bar so the appliance doors line up with the adjacent cabinet doors.)

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Katie, I have an 18" Miele, and my panel is just as you describe - just a panel with the door pull on top, no fake drawers or anything. I think it looks fine. I didn't bother doing anything special with the toe kick because I'm in a very narrow galley kitchen, and you can't stand back far enough to even see the toe kick! So I just have the black plastic one that came with the Miele installed.

I don't have a photo that shows the entire dishwasher, but you can see most of it here. BTW, the countertop guys didn't even realize at first that it was a dishwasher (maybe because it's only 18") - they assumed it was a trash pullout or something!

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Here are on each side our sink. I do think that any feet would probably get in the way.

Can't believe you're this far with your kitchen. I can't wait to see it!

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Great thread! We were trying to figure out if we are going with a SS dishwasher or a panel-- I can't imagine not going with a panel after these great pictures!

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We had the same problem when we got our panelled dw. I wanted the drawer/cab look and our KD said it wasn't possible from their company. They only did the one big door style. I had her order me a drawer and door anyways and my installer connected them with some metal pieces I found at HD for about $.50 each. The handle to open the dw is on the cab part rather than the drawer because it takes alot of force to open the door and we were worried they might come apart if the stress was on the drawer (the cab door had the actual screws in it connecting to the dw).

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We're still working on the kitchen so this is an unfinished pic, but hopefully it helps. Mine has the same style pull as the other cabinets (ok I have a lot of pulls actually) but it's larger (I used a subzero pull) you can see we're still waiting for trim. I'll have a wood trim on the base as well as around the sink, etc.

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Circus Peanut

We made our own out of two cabinet doors we didn't use, and I put a big honkin' handle on it for the dishtowel (sorry not the best pic):

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My kitchen is more contemporary so we have flat panels. However we have two dishwashers, one is integrated, the other is not, so most people think this is just another cabinet. Hardly anyone realizes it's actually a DW.

The toe kick matches all the others and is held in place with velcro

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Here's ours:

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I'm new at this, what do I need to know about mounting a panel on my dishwasher door?

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Circus Peanut

About all you need to do is get a dishwasher made to take a panel ("integrated" models) which come, as these things so often do, with a surcharge, although in essence you're getting less for the money (they come with no front at all).

The literature will tell you the exact dimensions of the panel you'll need, and it screws on very easily (I did it myself with a friend to help hold it). You can just pass on the dimensions to your cabinet company or carpenter. There are also a number of independent companies that make panels in a zillion styles and materials (Frigo, Heartland, etc).

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My panels were a 2 piece design, matching cabinet doors. My Bosch dishwasher had instructions for a one or a 2-piece door panel. Each part has 4 screws to secure it into the steel face of my DW. I used a matching door pull and it is fine. I'm not exactly sure how it is with the Miele but there should be instructions along with your DW. I really love the look, BTW.

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