System just died

brussoJune 6, 2012

My first floor AC just died. Nothing happens when I set the thermostat. All was working fine until Tuesday. Even the fan doesn't go on in the 'on' position. I checked the batteries in the thermostat, the circuit breaker in the basement and the breaker outside. All are on. So, what do I check next before I call michael , the AC fixit guy? I have three zones. The other two are working fine. This unit is about 6 years old. Onlty the outside was replaced back then, not the furnace.


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First thing you check is make sure you have the right phone number for the ac guy, then call him.

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You say you have three zones, two of which are working fine. Are you saying when you select one zone you get no air flow? Does the outside condener run? Can you hear the blower in the furnace running?

Has there been anything going on in the house which may have affected the wiring from the thermostat to the zone dampers?

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Well, i had to call Michael. turned out that thetransformer on the furnace that is connected to the thermostat had gone bad. That' s why nothing at all was running. not the fan blower on the furnace, nor the fan outside. He had one on his truck. $30 later and a six pack and I am good to go.

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