Miele Washer 5 year warranty GONE

moon1234February 22, 2010

Since our second washer died (Bosch) we went looking for a replacement this weekend. We were almost ready to purchase another Miele W4840 until the salesman told us the 5 year warranty extension for having the units installed by a Miele Authorised Tech is no longer being offered.

This put a quick hold on our purchase. The first W4840 we purchased had this promo and it really made it easier to spend the money for the Meile.

The warranty extension is now only one year (for a total of two years) when the washers are installed by a Miele Certified Technician. This is a BAD move by Miele. The five year warranty from the factory was unique in the industry. To get five years of warranty you now need to spend an additional $300 with Miele. This make the price protected cost of the Miele with 5 years of warranty coverage $2000 for the washer alone.

A similar Bosch machine with a 5 year warranty is $700 cheaper. Assuming the Bosch lasts half the time of the Miele the cost is a virtual wash. With the free five year warranty it was easier to spend a few hundred more and get the Miele with a longer warranty.

I hope Miele reconsiders as I think that they had a unique offering in the market that really showed that they stood behind their product.

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I believe you may be mistaken. In the US, Miele never ran a 5 year warranty extension program. As far back as 2006, Miele would give you a 2 year total warranty (double the standard 1 year warranty) if you used an authorized Miele installer. It was never 5 years. Nothing has changed.

Miele does have a 90-day money back guarantee, however, which may be worth considering. It's on their web site.

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Actually, Miele ran a promotion that included a five (5) warranty, but it ran for a couple of months. The special edition chocolate colored models come with a factory ten (10) year warranty.

Miele 5/10 Year Warranty Promotions

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This does not apply to appliances purchased in the USA.

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The US five year warranty offer was about a year and a half after the launch of the W 48XX models, as I was discussing with our Miele tech how we just missed that promotion by purchasing our units too early. Miele US will verify that they ran this promo.

Personally, for a touted twenty year lifespan machines, I find the one (or two year if a certified installer) warranty is lacking for the confidence Miele touts, but does not backup.

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I got the five year warranty on the W4840 I bought in September 2008, at no extra cost beyond the $195 authorized installation fee. The warranty certificate came in the mail about six months later. Never found this offer on the Miele website.

$300 for warranty extension to five years is a decent deal, IMO, since Miele service costs are likely to be on the expensive side, compared to non-luxury brands.

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I got the 5 year USA warranty as well on our W4840. It was the main reason we decided to purchase Miele. It said "We stand behind our products." No other MANUFACTURER stood behind their product in this way. Many stores were happy to sell us their aftermarket warranty, but this just said to us "The product is unreliable and will break, you need this to protect that $1000 plus investment."

We are now replacing our dead Bosch WFK2401 that lasted us 10 years. Were were going to go for the Miele W4840 again to replace this machine, but a 2 year warranty for $195 install fee is a LOT more than the local store. Add another $300 to get back out to 5 years and the Miele is now $500 more expensive just in warranty costs compared to say Bosch.

This time around I think we are going Bosch again to replace the Bosch. The numbers make more sense. The Bosch Washer with 5 year warranty will cost $1150. ($1000 for the washer and $150 for the five year warranty). The Miele would now cost us $1799 + $195 Install + $300 for 5 year warranty = $2294.

Bosch is NOT bad quality, but at half the price it is the logical choice. If Miele still had the five year warranty, that makes the price a little more attractive and says to me "We trust our products and back it up."

The local salesman said they sold more Miele during the 5 year warranty period than the entire time since. I wonder why Miele ended this promo? They run it in almost every other country EXCEPT the USA.

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I wonder why Miele ended this promo? They run it in almost every other country EXCEPT the USA.

Purely a guess, but a semi-educated one as I work in Sales & Marketing. I bet you they ran an ROI analysis on the US promo and the numbers didn't add up somehow. Maybe there were a lot more service calls in the US, as compared to other countries, which made the 5 year warranty more expensive to service here. Not that the washers don't work as well here as in other countries, but that we experience more user error than in Europe since us Americans are mostly new to front loaders, like to use bleach (which can react and cause damage if used at very high temps as in a Miele), etc.

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Sorry everyone, I thought the 5 year warranty was a Europe only thing. It seems odd that Miele would offer 5 and 10 year warranties in Europe but not in the USA. For a product that is supposed to last for 20 years, a 5 year warranty would be nice. I got a 3 year warranty standard on my Asko.

I also think that if anything is going to go wrong with a unit, it will do so in the first 1-2 years. After that it's probably smooth sailing for a long while. Miele is offering the 5 year warranty on the new W4842 and W9802 WITH Vision module for $199 per unit.

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$200 to install a washer or dryer!!!....you are paying for that warranty no different that buying a contract on a Kenmore! If the product is so great they should GIVE you 5 years...I mean heck look what you are paying for it. You could buy 3 Kenmores...will it outlast 3 Kenmores.....Yes?...then why won't they warranty it....

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Now if they could offer the ability to design your own wash cycle or two via the Vision Module that would be a huge selling point.

Imagine a webpage that you could connect to built-in to the Vision Module that allowed you to add one or two custom cycles to the Mastercare list.

I for one would like to add a Diaper cycle. It would be as follows:

Quick rinse/spin cold followed by a normal wash at cold temp (heater engaged) with soap being dispensed, prewash and sensitive engaged. Finally followed by quick Hot/sanitize cycle to kill any little buggers sticking around.

If I could get all that in a single button, that would be a huge time saver. Put diapers in before bed, push diapers button, go to bed. Wake up the next morning and have diapers almost dry.

Why don't manufacturers off this already? I suppose they do on the pro machines, but it could be so easy to add on the consumer units.

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A Miele install isn't just a Sears-style install at a higher price. Sears' install of my LG was practically a "drive-by". What else could it be, when we were the crew's 20th and last stop of the day? The Miele people are far more careful and less rushed.

Also, the Miele warranty gets you service from people who know the product. Compare to the stories about Sears' A&E factory service.

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you're right, they already do it on pro machines.
Pro machines programming mode allows 3 levels :

- basic - locked to 4 cycles ( for fool-proof coin-op)
- middle - 12 cycles (for advanced coin-op or condos)
- residential-like

All the machines have all the programmes uploaded, even those "dumbed down" for coin-op. They have a further programming mode that can be entered by miele tech.
The tech enables those programmes required, depending on customer use.

I mean :
fire brigades have cycles to wash and reproof emergency gear/clothes.
Dry cleaners have further wetcleaning cycles.
Stables have special cycles for horse blankets
Milking stables/ dairies their cycles for milking clothes
Bakers cycles for flour soil
Butchers cycles for meat and blood soil
Spa, B&B and hotels cycles for bathrobes towelling and sheets.
Restaurants for table cloths and kitchen wear/linen

The very same machine fits in every situation, just you won't have "horse blanket" enabled in a spa washer :)

Opps ... was about to forget your custom cycle for diapers : they call it "sluice"

Give a glance to this manual I've found on miele.co.uk

Here is a link that might be useful: Click on PW6065 VARIO AV

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Ok it' is not a true custom DIY programming .... rather a pret-a-porter taylored on specific requirements.

Here in EU you can buy further programme "packages", provided the machine has a screen with a full text line. I'm sure the canadian W 1612 can upload these "packs". I guess also other models can. Basically the tech will add further MasterCare cycles

Of course in some packages there are also useless cycles to satisfy those who can't get enough
IMHO the winner is "Lego toy bricks" cycle in "kids" package

Here is a link that might be useful: residential programme packages

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wrt why they don't warrant the machines for 5 years or 10 years, my recollection is that when I first starting looking at Mieles about 3-4 years ago, they had a 5 year warranty. I don't recall if mainstream brands had dropped to 1 year or were still 2-3 years.

ISTM that what they've done is unbundle the warranty from the selling price. In Canada at least, you can still buy the machine with a 5-year or 10-year warranty, and (before the increase 2 months ago) it didn't feel like the price with 5 years was higher than before (IOW, the prices seemed really low, with just the 1 year).

Assuming I'm right (and I may well be wrong), it's a marketing thing as much as anything, to get away from the sticker shock of a price with 5 years' warranty.


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If the Mieles cost any more than they already do, I'd expect them to be attached to four tires and a steering wheel!

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naw, I want them to press, fold and put away!

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We bought our Miele 5 year warranty on the washer, dryer, and dishwasher. When we save enough for the Miele Fridge and Freezer I want, we'll put the 5year on them as well. The cost of the warranty (five years) is negligible compared to one service call. My "old" Miele Washer/Dryer (seven years old) were gone thru by Miele and totally reconditioned before I gave them to my daughter. I replaced ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that even "seemed" worn or as though it "might" fail in the next year or so, including screw covers and cosmetic only parts. The total cost of that "complete refurb" was only about $550 parts and labor & AFTER spending that money for the "complete refurb" my factory service rep certified to Miele corporate what had been done/replaced/etc., and they allowed me to buy a five year warranty on the old machines! I was amazed! So for a little over a grand out of daddies' pocket, my kid got a "like new" set of Miele's that are under full warranty for five more years. How many manufacturers would even consider such a thing? Damned few in my experience. Immer Besser! (Forever Better - the Miele Motto in German) However in the UK, Miele offers a 10 year warranty on their "top of the range" (read most expensive) machines. Standard, not at extra cost. Pity they don't do that here, yet!

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In Canada, Miele often runs promotions for free 10 year upgrades. Sometimes on one particular category (ie. vacuums or washer/dryers, etc).

Currently, for May, they are offering free 10 year on ANY appliance purchased.

It's called the Miele Advantage Plus program and you get a few extra goodies when you participate in this program. It sure is better than any other brand available.

You get passes to the Miele Culinary Institute, $50 in free Miele Care products to try, email Concierge Service, Miele complete appliance check-up (if you own more than one Miele - if they service one they will check all) and the list goes on.


Miele Canada is definitely run different than the US. We deal directly with Miele here and the experience is definitely different than purchasing a LG/Samsung or whatever from Sears/Lowes wherever ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele May 2011 Promotions - Canada

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Try to get a 5 year extended warranty from Maytag. You cant even purchase one for more than 3 years and it costs more than 300.00

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This is an interesting conversation. I get that Miele is a premium brand but it's interesting that they design them for 20 years yet are so stingy with warranties. Even our lowly LGEnmore (Kenmore) has a 1 year warranty with a 5 year available from Sears. LG gives 10 year on the motor and 1 or 2 on the whole thing. For a premium brand with such engineering you'd think they would want to stand behind their product....

For the poster looking for a diaper mode. Don't they have a delay start? With our old LG's I'd put stuff in at night and select, say Sanitary and set the timer and it would run overnight. That may be something to look into.

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Say you did get a five year warranty included ..........Then what would happen on the seventh or eighth or ninth year if something were to go wrong? The repair bill could potentially be outrageous.

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