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DanceingFebruary 17, 2014

I've been impressed by some really intelligent answers here, and now I need help.
I'm looking for a 24" wide electric washing machine for a 3rd floor. I don't care whether it is front or top load, and I don't care whether it stacks or is unitized. My biggest concern is about noise and vibration during the spin cycle. I run a vacation rental on the floor below, and I really don't want the folks who stay here to be bothered by machine noise from above.
Additional info: I am not able to decouple the ceiling below. I've triple-braced the floor joists and insulated with Sound Cow. There's a layer of 3/4" plywood, and I can add a layer of Hardi-board under the tile, but I'm still worried about machine noise.
Suggestions please?

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I live in a 1917 apartment with rather less than ideal wood flooring and have a 24" FL washer. It's placed by a load-bearing wall at a corner, the floor has not been especially reinforced, and my downstairs neighbors say that the rarely notice it.
However, despite my personal preference for front loaders, if you main concern is reducing noise due to vibration, a top loader may be a safer bet. A front loader does seem to be more likely to have vibration issues on less-than-ideal flooring.

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