looking for new He TL washer

julescapFebruary 15, 2011

After 7 yrs of nursing and cursing my Calypso along,yesterday and today it's sounding like it may be on it's last legs w/ high pitched whining motor sounds during the wash cycle and not draining at end of cycle. Usually I can coax it along to drain by trying additional rinse/spin or express wash or some other cycle. Obviously no energy savings here! Last night it took me 7 different cycles to complete one wash load! It goes w/o saying that I'm very leery of purchasing a new washer/dryer. I thought I did all my research homework with the Calypso!. This time I'm looking for large capacity again,no probs w/ disgusting mildew smell and would like the ability to really soak items in washer tub if I need to. I don't think my Calypso had an option of internal heater so I guess I didn't have it and don't miss it. Any recommendations for me?

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I am not sure what to tell you. Top loaders are on the way out. They use more water, are less energy efficient, etc. You may be able to find a few models left on the market, but my guess is they will all be gone within the next 5 years.

You also did not state what your budget is. If money is no object, then Miele W4842 would be my recommendation.

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I've been looking also. The Newer LG5001 and 5101 models have garnered very good user reviews on Best Buy and Consumer Reports. Contrast those to the newer Whirlpool Calypso and Maytag Bravos TL models which don't fare nearly as well in user comments. HE TL's may or may not be on the way out and they may use a little more water that FL's, though less than the old agitator type TL, but you don't seem to get the mold/mildew smell issues that can occur with FL's, even if you wipe that gasket religiously. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. If you can get an LG for $700 - $800, you have do alot of Laundry for alot of years to begin to make up the difference in the cost of acquisition of that Miele.

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I meant to say Cabrio, not Calypso.

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I think every brand has it's own unique features depending on your needs. I would suggest call 123laundrythey can give you free advice. They sell new or old top washers lots of option to choose from.

Here is a link that might be useful: 123laundry

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If you have not bought a machine yet, look at the WP t/l, wtw57esvw, 449 at lowes. I have a WP FL Duet that died last night and after 1.5 years we are just not happy with the wash quality. We use the HE Soap (Tide), don't overload it, but just seems lacking.

I don't think the TL machines will go away unless uncle sam can get his way. I see more push back after reading a recent NYTimes and WSJ article about the current "rebound" in washers. The gov. push for max efficiency is resulting in more washers not "cutting the mustard". These are the HE FL machines and they are getting too expensive for what they accomplish.

I'm sure the gov. would love for us all to buy a fl machine to save all the tress, but they, like our "low flush" toilets are not doing what they are suppose to do.

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I'm with you totsuka. I am looking into Speed Queen (simple no frills) top load washer and dryer and am going to stick the Duets in the barn. They're O.K. for throw rugs or quilts. I know there are a lot of fans of front loaders out there, but after two different brands I am not one of them, and I am certainly not impressed. They are just "O.K." and not worth what they cost. To me.

The government, though well intentioned, needs to stay out of the appliance business and let the consumer drive the innovation and efficiency. We are quite capable in voting with our dollars, and would have much better appliances as a result. I don't think any of us care to waste money, water, or power. When you have to run a wash cycle or flush twice, there is no savings.

If anyone has a great Speed Queen model to steer me towards, I would be very interested. Or any other simple top load system that you have been happy with.


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