Leftover Cooking Oil

brwvabellApril 12, 2009

I know that this may sound like a crazy question but .. What do you do with your leftover cooking oils?

How do You dispose of it?

For instance, I have a skillet that is half full of used cooking oil that I made french fries in.


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I pour it into a throw away jar with a lid and put it into my garbage.
But, since it's a vegetable product, it's OK to put into the compost....."they" say...
Linda C

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If I'm not going to use it again, I do as Linda does. My best friend use to make me crazy when I would see her pour it down the drain!!!

I use high heat oil and I use it again depending on what I fried in it. I use a funnel with a built in strainer to pour the oil back into the original bottle, then store it in the fridge.

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If it was just used for french fries it would get used again in our house. Strain out the chunkies through cheese cloth and return it to the bottle. When done with it, it gets poured into a doubled grocery bag and tossed into the garbage (we recycle our glass and plastic containers here in town).

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I don't fry often, and I have leftover oil in a skillet too... And I was wondering the same thing... so great timing for me on your question Bren.

How long can I just leave it on the counter, if at all, after I've used it? Does it need to be refrigerated if I'm going to use it again? How often can I use it again (I haven't used it for fish...so it's not taking on any distinct flavor)

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Oil that has been heated, needs to be stored in the refrig, the heat makes it breakdown faster and so taste rancid sooner.
And I throw that 2 Tabl;espoons of oil grease down thed rain....lots of soap and hot water and it's gone.
It is biodegradeable....unlike mineral oil...I mean what do you think happens to the oil in the corn that get left in the fields? Or the olives that fall from the tree?
Linda C

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lindac,nancylouise,mustangs and bizzo

Thank You for your replies to my question.

You have given me some ideas and.. I never knew that you could just 'compost' cooking oil 8-)


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If I don't happen to have a throw away container available, I just pour it out in the bushes. It doesn't hurt anything. Of course I rarely deep fry...I don't suppose I'd want to dump gallons of it out there!

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