Need quick front-loader W/D recs

sweetandrewFebruary 24, 2012

Help! We're finishing our basement and putting in an actual laundry room. The past 9 years we've had an old top-loader W/D set inherited from friends who moved out of town. I am planning on front-loaders this time with countertop above. We met with the architect this morning re: interior cabinetry details for the various rooms in our basement, and he needs me to select the W/D asap so he can design the cabinetry around them. I'm not going to be buying super top of the line but do want a good set that will last and hopefully won't have those gunky musty smell issues I've heard about with front-loaders. Quick recs? I need to run out to the appliance store tomorrow & decide!

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"hopefully won't have those gunky musty smell issues I've heard about with front-loaders"

Then take the simple steps to ensure you don't have that problem. That problem is most often caused by the user not by the machine. I've been using FL for 11 years with no issues.

Leave your door open after washing (some of the LGs actually have a magnet that will prop the door open without having it open all the way). I have the room so leave mine wide open when I'm done.

I pop out the detergent tray as well so air can circulate.

It's just common sense that a FL is air tight and closing the door would cause issues.

Most importantly, dose your detergent correctly and use the proper detergent. Know your water hardness and dose accordingly to water hardness, how dirty the load is and size of load.

FL use much less water and are more "touchy" about wrong doses.

I linked you to a UK article on how to avoid "smelly washers". It's good advice.

Get a machine with an on board heater - an absolute must (IMO) if you're getting a FL.

Use that heater to run a clean machine or sanitary cycle once a month to keep your machine clean and fresh.

I can't give you too much help on which brand to buy (I currently own a Miele which I love). If you're going with something more affordable, my second choice would have been an LG (but that's me). I did do a lot of research and I really preferred the LGs to other brands available.

My parents have a new entry level LG set and my mom is super happy with it.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Smelly Washing Machines

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Thank you! I see that liquid detergents can be a problem. I use liquid Seventh Generation -- have folks have issues with that one?

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We had a used frigidaire gallery series frontloading pair for 6 months well they were broken when we got them, we bought them used. My husband just decided to go out and buy a new set and we sold the old set to our friends.

We got a matching whirlpool duet washer and dryer. I wouldn't say they are top of the line but they are pretty good machines they have an onboard heater, a sanitary and a clean washer cycle. The dryer has a steam setting I have never used it though and not sure what it's for but it was the matching dryer that came with our washer.

I agree with the above poster keep the washer door and soap dispenser open whenever possible. Mine are always open and I have yet to have any issues. I also keep a hand towel close by and wipe out the door seal when I am done using it for the day. My washer I use every other day about. Sometimes, when I am bored I use it everyday if I can find stuff to wash. But with a family of 4 it usually takes about 2 days to get enough for a load. I do seperate clothes from towels from socks and underwear though so I'm sure if I didn't seperate I would probably wash every day.

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@sweetandrew, to be honest, I've never had a problem no matter what I use. I have used SG liquid and the new powder. I know there are other FL users on this forum who use the new 4X SG liquid in their FL machines.

I think liquid is a problem if you do all cold washing and over dose.

Learn how to use your new machine properly and it should serve you well - liquid or powder.

Some loads need liquid (in my machine Express and Comforter require liquid detergent). I use both liquid and powder (mostly powder now but I do use both).

If you like SG, maybe get some of their powder as well and use both (or don't - I think you'd be fine either way).

Powders are supposed to be better at removing "clay" based dirt while liquids excel at grease.

What you can do if you stick with the liquid is start using oxygen bleach for white loads and lightly coloured loads that are stained.

The stuff is amazing and it helps to keep your machine clean. Buy the pure sodium percarbonate (like from Ecover) not OxyClean if you can.

FWIW, I've never wiped out my gasket. Leaving the door open ensures that any residual water will evaporate. I do wipe it down after I run a clean machine since I'm usually wiping of the glass door anyway.

Please post back and tell us what you get.

I've heard some good things about the Whirlpool and the Samsung machines. I can't give any first hand reports though. Both makes rank pretty high on Consumers Reports too (certain models).

I can also tell you that I know quite a few people with FL machines - all different brands (Miele, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, Bosch, Maytag). None of them are complaining - they all seem perfectly happy with what they have.

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I've only had my washer since Saturday. It seems I already smell it. Maybe it is the rubber smell. I have been wiping it out and use bleach for white loads which always helped me have a sweet smelling washer. I notice that water lies in the gasket even though it has holes in it to drain so I went ahead and wiped the entire gasket and drum dry every time I have used it. I would just die if I got mold. This is my second try at these new machines. I had a top load Bravos before which I hated. I am one bad incident away from going back to full agitator machines. I do love these so far and the way they work. The clothes are so clean.

I ended up with the GE GFWN1100LWW and it's a real jewel for the price $538 and matching dryer for the same. I didn't want any fancy cycles or settings although this still has plenty. It doesn't have the onboard heater that I know of but the water is plenty hot. I think what I am smelling is the rubber smell of the brand new machine. So far I could not love them any more. They are so quiet and wash and dry well. What else can I ask of them for such a great price.

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Thanks for the thoughtful info. and recs. I currently use the OxyClean Free & Clear with all light loads, along with the liquid Seventh Generation, but will try the Ecover. In terms of the actual model to buy, I am used to having a very basic top loader set with few options so I don't know that I really need all the bells & whistles. Would be great not to scorch my clothes dry, though. (Our current dryer only has two heat settings, and I think low is broken, so everything dries on hot, hot, hot.) Still having a little trouble wrapping my head around the "maintenance" required with the front loaders (keeping door open, wiping off gaskets, etc.)...

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If you consider "keeping your door open" maintenance then perhaps front loaders are not for you.

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sweetandrew, the laundry room will be in the basement, right? Nobody but you and your closest family ever will see the machines, presumably. So it therefore makes no difference whatsoever whether the "styling" of the washer and the dryer "match." (Honestly now, has anyone ever seen a beautiful washer or dryer? They are all square and ugly and for the most part variations on the same theme.)

So do yourself a favor and save yourself a ton of money by getting yourself a basic Whirlpool or Kenmore made-by-Whirlpool dryer that has a drop-down "hamper" door. Wet clothes that get dropped during the transfer from washer to dryer will land on the clean inside of the dryer door instead of on the basement floor -- and basement floors seem to be more prone than the floors higher up to fall short of spotlessly clean.

Moreover, the basic Whirlpool hamper door dryer with moisture sensor has been around for at least 40 years, and there are literally millions of them in service. Every appliance service person in North America knows how to service them when they break down -- which is very seldom. And parts never are a problem; the service person will have all necessary parts for the Whirlpool dryer in his or her truck.

With the money you save, you can afford a higher grade washing machine, even though it will not match the dryer in "styling," or you and your husband can have several really good dinners at fine restaurants.

Here is a link that might be useful: Identify similar models by the top-mounted lint filter beneath three knobs on the right, and the big rotary dial on the left

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