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kanautFebruary 28, 2014

After a week of research and hours at the computer I thought I would ask on the forum. I have a HE washer now that I am about to drop off the tallest building I can find. What I am looking for is as follows:
Traditional top loading washing machine with the center agitator, where I can Adjust the water level (no sensor) and WITHOUT a locking lid (I like to be able to leave lid open and let clothes soak over night). I have a whirlpool cabrio now and I have to presoak, then wash, then rewash, then take what is still dirty to a friends to wash in her traditional washing machine. I need the machine to have ALL features 1. Top Loader 2. Adjustable water level 3. NO locking lid and NOT High Efficiency (I need water to clean clothes)

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IMHO, there's really only one: Speed Queen. About $830-$860. Essentially like the Maytags of 30 years ago but the tub is larger, agitates better, and handles off-balance loads better. Very well-built and the best warranty in the business. No color choice -- it's white. Agitation or spin will stop when lid is lifted but it does not lock.

Gripes: Comes from the factory with 70% fill-limit. Can be overridden by holding the knob over or making permanent adjustment with a 1/4" bolt behind the control panel. Easy either way. Also all rinses are adjustment possible.

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Thank you - just called Speed Queen, found dealer 20 miles from me, they have it in stock for $750 model 8WN412 and it is EXACTLY what I was looking for - top loader, manual water, lid does not lock. My husband is mechanic so he won't have a problem adjusting the bolt in back of machine as well. Thank You!!!!

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Kanaut before buy the 412, go to the Speed Queen web site and compare the other models for a little more$$ you'll get more features. I'm glad I did.

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Ditto beagle nc....I have the 542...and glad of it.

Youtube has several video about how to adjust that bolt -- takes minutes but apparently voids the warranty. I didn't care. I did it.

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Keep in mind that adjusting the pressure switch raises all the levels equally ... so the lowest level will also be higher. Leaving the adjustment as-is and using Reset on the control to get a higher fill when desired gives more range of fill levels ... with the drawback that you'd have to watch for the rinse fill and do Reset again then.

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I did see the 542 and that is the one the store is ordering for me.
It was only $100 more and had all the options. I've haven't been this excited to do a load of laundry since I got my Kenmore set in college 20 years ago. I learned the hard way - you need water to get clothes clean. Thanks for all the advice.

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I think you'll really notice a difference with SQ.

We bought the Model 432 as we didn't need all the additional features.

It's so much better then the Crapio we had. I wouldn't buy anything else after getting the SQ. Not only do the clothes come cleaner then they did in the Whirlpool, but I don't have to peel them off the side of the tub. Best part is the sheets don't come out all twisted and in knots.

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Have my speed queen washer a year this month and still washing great. The dryer works well as it should. The last real "HEAVY DUTY" machines.

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Can you wash a king size comforter in the 3.3 size?

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I don't believe a King would fit in a 3.3
But my king did not fit in my old Kenmore washer and it was huge. My comforter was the one item I still had to take to the laundry mat. My king comforter will fit in this whirlpool cabrio HE machine but I have to presoak it for an hour and then I wash 2x. I only wash my comforter every few months so I am more than happy to go to laundry mat in exchange for the speed queen

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Queen is the largest that I have seen reliably wash in a SQ top load, but it comes down to the loft of your comfortable. A more bed spread version will have no problem with king size.

Safe bet, do it at a laundromat in bigger equipment, 30 or 40 lb load rated machine.


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With respect to everyone....

No matter what machine you get, there will ALWAYS be something you own that won't fit in it.

I have the Speed Queen TL...I like it...but King Size stuff is a bad match for the capacity of this machine. Certainly not KS comforters.

Previously had WP Duet which I liked a lot. Huge drum and no agitator. There was still stuff I couldn't fit in it. My sister's King Size mattress pad was in that category.

Be reasonable about this. Dirty Harry wasn't talking about washers but paraphrase of his quote applies. " to know your limitations."

It's just a machine. It does what it does and nothing other. It's not magic. If you overload it, it won't work right.

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