AC Unit help!

AlexB2009June 12, 2012

Hi Everyone!

I have an AC unit that doesn't seem to be functioning properly. I found this morning the unit had frost /ice build up around the hose (sorry, not sure of the correct term). The motor runs and warm/hot air does blow out. However, inside the house only a bit of air comes out and it is not nearly as cold as it should be.

The home air filters aren't dirty and the conditioning unit doesn't show any obvious signs of being dirty either.

Can you give me some insight of what might be happening and how much a typical AC mechanic should cost to solve this?


PS it's summer, in Arizona! Yikes!

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There are many reasons a unit can freeze up. Insufficient airflow, is one cause. This can be caused by, as you guessed a blocked air filter, or an evaporator motor which is not running properly. A unit which is low on refrigerant can also cause the suction line piping to be covered in ice including the body of the compressor outside in the condensing unit. You said a hose had ice build up, I assume you meant one of the pipes? Sometimes, your expansion device, (whether it be a distributor/capillary tube style or thermostatic expansion device), can malfunction. If there is a blockage at the orifice of the distributor or the TX valve's power-head loses it's charge, then he suction line can frost/freeze at the air handler inside.

The suction line is the larger of the 2 pipes, the one covered in insulation. The smaller, exposed copper line is the liquid line. If that has frost build up on it let me know, and I will tell you why that one would have ice on it.

Where are you seeing the frost/ice on the pipe? It makes a world of difference on what is wrong.

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you need freon approx 40 to 50 bucks a pound plus service call.

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