Help Choose Repl Gaspack: Trane or Coleman

ceburyJune 1, 2012

Replacing my dying 20+yr old roof gas-pack 2.5t Carrier 48NLT030300 in dry-hot Central CA. IMO, it is sized OK (maybe not perfect) as it heats just fine and cooled well (when it had proper amounts of r22).

3ton replacements (all Manuf. 10yr parts/labor, 20 hx):

1) Trane 14seer gas dual pack #4ycy4036B1075a (My Initial Choice)

2) Coleman 14seer DAYQ-F036N070 ($650 3) Coleman 16seer DBYX-F036D110 ($300 > #1)

* All quotes from same (preferred) vendor.

No special needs (filtering for allergies, reduce humidity, etc). My ducting is old, but is still solid (I've checked every inch and Mastic sealed + metal tied all joints) with 14% duct-test leakage. We'll be increasing the short return duct by as much as the space will handle (probably 4" more) and adding one vent, so the additions seem OK with the latest ManJ results for the 3ton.

Opinions? I had chosen Trane as the replacement for my old Carrier, but I don't know much about Coleman.

Thanks in advance,

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Coleman is made by York. Factory is in USA-in Wichita KS.
Both Trane and Coleman are good manufacturers.

16 SEER for only 300 more is most likely worth it if you plan to be in the home over 4 years.

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I personally prefer the Trane package unit.

However, I know nothing about the Coleman units.

If you currently have a 2 1/2 ton Carrier, why are you going up in size to a 3 ton package unit?

Compare warranties carefully. With a roof top install, you want to be certain dealer has experience with these type installs.


Here is a link that might be useful: Trane gas/elevtric pkg system XL14c

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I went with the Coleman 2stage 16/14(s)eer DBYX-F036D110 (ecm/scroll), upgraded my return vent from 14" to 18" and added a new supply vent.

My duct leak rate was 14% but is now only 6% -- I did notice quite a few gaps up inside the transition area/adapter when the old unit was pulled off. Just what I had suspected in a previous post I was discussing about how I sealed all the old flex myself -- the majority of the leaks were probably in that area, which I couldn't get into. Before they dropped down the new unit, there was reflective/sealant tape everywhere indicating they made more effort to seal it up well.

Unit is quiet compared to my old Carrier 48nlt one. But old one ran like a champ for 22 years, only to finally develop a small coil leak so it needed freon refilling every year. There are still many running on rooftops in my neighborhood, as I can hear them kick-in from a block away.

I'm nervous of the "leaky coils" problems with recent units. All the dealers/installers I spoke with in this area admitted to me they have had problems with coil leaks and each week they receive new hardware waiting to go out for replacement. Ugh...

Thanks for your advice, got my fingers crossed.

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