fisher paykel dryer too hot

buckieepFebruary 6, 2013

Our Fisher Paykel dryer recently (after 11 years of faithful service) started getting way too hot, so that any metal will literally burn me when unloading. I turned it to NO heat and still got a burn (blister and all) from a metal stud on a pair of jeans. Obviously, I am afraid to use it! I am wondering if anyone knows what the issue may be, and if it is an easy fix. Thanks so much!

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You didn't provide a model number or say if it's a gas or electric unit.

Could be an operating thermostat stuck, not cycling the heat off at the target temperature.

Also could be the heating element shorted to ground (if electric), which can cause the unit to heat continuously, even if the timer is Off, unless it's disconnected from power.

If this situation is allowed to continue without repair, it may blow a non-resettable protective thermal fuse and either not heat or not operate at all until properly repaired.

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Sorry, it is a DE05 (electric) and it is NOT hot when not in use. Does that mean it is just a stuck thermostat? Thanks!!

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Yes could be a stuck thermostat. Only way to know for sure is get into the machine and test/diagnose the suspect components.

F&P frontload dryers on the U.S. market are sourced from GE (Camco), mechanically identical to many GE and Hotpoint units. Check YouTube for videos on disassembly and troubleshooting.

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I will check it out, thanks dadoes!!!

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