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OakleyOctober 16, 2011

You wrote in the email addy topic, I get the He reference a lot and I'm a girl. Not an issue, used to teach engineering graphics applications when girl wasn't the norm. Took more than a name to prove myself way back when. We've come a long way on both sides. Again, sorry about the mistake.

This is so timely, you'll love it! My late father was a Civil Engineer. My son is a Civil Engineer. My son has begun doing geneaology and has been asking me a lot of questions about my dad. My dad died when my son was only 5, and he knows the two of them are a lot alike because I'm like my dad. He see's his granddad as being the Angel on his shoulder who guided him through his major and college.

Anyway, since my son is privvy to other Engineers in this state, he contacted a few of my dad's co-workers last week! I was so excited!

Get this. One of his co-workers who is quite a bit younger than my dad, told my son that when he was hired, my dad took him, and other new employees to meet the "woman Engineer!"

The guy said my dad was just thrilled that women were gettinhg into Engineering and he would go out of his way to make sure new employees met her. LOL

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Jeesh Oakly, almost thought I was in trouble and going to the principal. Seriously, with tongue in cheek, no one has ever asked me to "step inside".

A family of engineers? OCD at it's best and black/white theories abound. Although that is why my name is chosen as I'm an artist too and the two sides are controversial for getting things finished. I think too much on the creative side.

How great of your dad. During my career we weren't always accepted, or at least many were leery. Also, I was working in an area and era that many Veterans felt was taking jobs from them. A controversial conversation one could expand upon.

I congratulate you on your family successes. They have been surrounded by those with knowledge and curiosity for more.

Although I taught engineers, my background is computer graphics and networking from the beginning of stone ages. I did attend an engineering university, but no one told me I could do any of the things possible that my career offered. Wonder if this is still true for many today. I don't have a degree, it was working and taking whatever was in front of me at the time. If you look at the list of graduates from a U, few are majored in engineering and science.

The engineers taught me as much as I did them. I knew the software applications, they knew what they needed for design. We programmed together from there.

It was quite by accident that the engineering environment became part of my career. Needed a job, neighbor got me into NASA, a test lab for newly developed postage stamp size circuit boards. Very beginning of what we now have in anything electronic, their size at the time in comparison to today was huge. I thrived there, starting out knowing nothing other than doing what they told me and became fascinated by all. Whenever there was another opening I jumped. You can figure out my age and the era by telling you I was part of building a small unit for the Apollo I.

I will always be grateful for the opportunities available to me for a wonderful career that kept me learning and growing. It is a statement for today's situation seeing so many without jobs and who are or can be successful in their own right. Even with a college education, the opportunities are missed by our corporations utilizing stiff hiring practices. And employees willing to start at the bottom for any reason.

My era was far different, the last statement could be controversial. But options aren't what they were. My son was in IT and should still be there with his abilities and knowledge. He is driving a truck now to maintain employment.

This became longer than planned. But couldn't write without thinking of current issues in our economy. The what was and now for all of us. Hopefully I didn't go too far.

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I loved reading about your career. Did you know there are support groups for spouses of Engineers? lol. I'm used to your type of personality since I lived with that type for my whole life. We'd get along swell. :)

I do blame my dad for my lack of love for Math. However, I did finally grasp it. When I was in Jr. High, learning whatever it was in Math, he sat down with me to explain a poblem. I kid you not, the "problem" ended up with column after column. Scared me to death! But that is one of the most fondest memories I have of my dad.

Never ask an Engineer a simple math question. :)

My son said there aren't that many women where he works, but more than there usually is.

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