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julescapFebruary 25, 2012

Can anyone explain to me what the difference is between the impeller technology used in the Waveforce TL and the technology that the old Calypso used for agitating the clothes?

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The wash plate in the wave force just spins back and forth, the same as all current HE TL washers. They share nothing with the wash motion on the calypso washers.

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The Calypso wash plate does not rotate. It wobbles to bounce the load ... which also rolls over and circulates around as part of the undulating motion. Here's a YouTube video that shows a good view of the motion (starts about 1 min in). Calypso Rinsing

Oasis, Cabrio, Bravos, F&P AquaSmart, GE Harmony, LG WaveForce, the impeller does rotate back and forth more like an old-style agitator. Can't say about the Harmony and WaveForce ... the others roll the load in "reverse" - up the middle, down the sides.

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Wow, that looks totally bizarre to me. I've never seen a Cabrio in action. It looks quite rough. How do you find it on fabrics?

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It can be aggressive on the Heavy Duty cycle, or very gentle on the Woolens and Handwash cycles. The bouncing motion is called nutation. The various cycles (there are nine choices) run nutation at different speeds accordingly, combined with periods of rotating the basket at 60 RPM while the wash (or rinse) water showers. Delicate cycles run more spinning than nutation. The trick to proper/effective use of a Calypso is correct sorting and cycle selection for the load. I've been using mine for 3+ years, works very nicely ... contrary to popular belief, LOL.

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* dadoes...Would you say that one technology is better, or more effective than the other?

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I haven't used an impeller machine for direct/personal comparison ... but based on what I've seen of them in videos and direct experience with my Calypso, I believe the Calypso is superior in performance. Wash or rinse water is constantly showering over the load to keep the items saturated and flushed. Even bulky items (quilts, bedspreads) are thoroughly saturated. Rinsing is excellent with at least 4 rinse periods (up to 7 on a couple cycles if Extra Rinse is selected). Some of the impeller models have a recirculation pump but it doesn't run continuously. The WaveForce is probably comparable, it generates a showering effect (but not on all cycles or all load/runs of a given cycle) by running a higher spin with water kicking up and showering down over top of the basket.

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I was a little alarmed watching that video! The mechanical action seems really aggressive, especially with that wildly spinning rose-shaped "agitator" in the center. I also noticed that the clothes don't really turn over top to bottom. The bottom plate bangs on the clothes from underneath and rotates the load horizontally underneath the sprayers, but no vertical turnover is actually seen in this video. I don't know much about this machine, but from what I saw in this video it does not appear at all gentle.

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You're wrong, there definitely is rollover. Perhaps the motion is difficult to see in the shorter rinse sequences. Have a look at the full wash period. There's a zoom-in at 5:30. The load rotates counterclockwise through the recirculation shower and at the same time slowly rolls over from outside toward the center dome. Focus on a section or fold of fabric, follow it around.

As I said, the action ranges from more aggressive to very gentle per the selected cycle. Woolens and Handwash, the nutation speed is reduced by half and there's more spin-washing than nutation. The wash plate wobbles on a 35-degree angle. Spin speed ranges from 300 RPM to 800 RPM.

I've not had anything get damaged using the Calypso since October 2008 ... and I rarely buy new clothes ... but I *have* had jeans, towels, and a blanket ripped/torn in my Neptune TL.

LOL! Why am I defending a washing machine to an individual I don't know?

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"LOL! Why am I defending a washing machine to an individual I don't know?"

Don't think of it as defending it; think of it as enlightening all those following the thread :)

There are many people reading (even if they are not posting) so making your point clear is perfectly acceptable (in my book anyway - seems I'm guilty of that myself around here).

I for one appreciate the detail given by certain individuals and appreciate all points of view - especially when backed up by solid facts.

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I was looking for enlightening and I found it. Keep it up! Thanks for everyone's opinions,knowledge and general helpfulness!

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