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virginia16June 18, 2012

On the infinity carrier system, the quote includes "installing a properly sized 1" filter slot." There is also the option to install the aprilaire 2210 media style air cleaner for $495. I don't know that we need the air cleaner. Should I inquire about price for a 4" media cabinet? Is the filtration better with the 4" or is the benefit just that you do not have to change the filter as frequently as the 1"? In the past we have used the highest rated filtrete filters and changed them monthly, just as a precaution for our daughter who has mild allergies (she has been fine in our house). Just trying to figure out if the cabinet/larger filter is more for convenience or if it is actually a better filter.

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The 4 inch filter is better because it has more surface area. The larger area decreases the resistance to the air flow. The 4 inch cabinet is a three sided box with a door in the front. It should add much cost to the installation. I recommend getting it if can be made to fit.

The 4 inch filters are more expensive, but you should go 6 - 12 months between filter changes. The Filtrete filters are very restrictive.

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How many returns do you have for basement and main floor?

And just to be clear, the AprilAire mdl 2210 is filter media cabinet that is normally attached to the return side of the furnace.

The up charge to go to a 95% eff Infinity furnace is absolutely absurd. Makes me wonder about this dealer. Have you considered getting another dealer involved in the quoting process?


Here is a link that might be useful: AprilAire Whole House Media Filter Cabinet

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