Top loading dryers?

sojayFebruary 18, 2013

Please recommend a good top loading dryer.

I've had a fisher&paykel for the past 7 years with no issues till it caught fire. I'd be inclined to get the same kind, but am hesitant because of the bad reviews I'm seeing. I have many other F&P appliances and am a fan except for the wait time to get service.

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Fisher & Paykel is the only top load dryer manufacturer. If you want a top loading dryer, you'll have to get another Fisher & Paykel.

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Did it catch fire due to a manufacturing defect or clogged exhaust?

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Thanks. I'll probably stick with F&P, since I love having a lint bucket and the top loader.

Until the fire I never had a problem, but the disadvantage #1 is getting service. I'm still waiting on a repair guy to come. Not that it is reparable, but to judge the damage for my home warranty. So I don't know yet what caused the fire. The flames came up front from underneath. I have been good at emptying the lint, and a few months ago I opened up the panel behind the lint bucket to remove lint there too. The exhaust goes diagonally out directly through an outside wall, and nothing seems clogged there either. I'll know more next week.

It's 8 years old, BTW.

According to my local appliance store, the toploaders will be discontinued because they are manufactured in NZ, and it's easier from F&P to have GE manufacture their front loader dryers in the US for the US market.

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F&P frontload, GE-clone dryers were previously manufactured in Canada by Camco (a division of GE) ... although the location may have changed.

Unfortunately, Haier now owns the majority share of F&P. No predicting what changes they'll make to the company structure and product offering.

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I'm generally happy with F&P and have quite a few appliances over the years. DW, Oven, W & D. The electronics seem to be a bit sensitive to electric fluctuations, and I've had a few repairs done, but the unique features out way the problems, mostly. I'd hate to see their quality sink.

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If they are going to stop making it here then I would definitley not purchase one now. If the long wait for service is troublesome now you can expect it to get much worse especially parts avalibility. I would just switch to a front loading dryer.

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What is the advantage of the top-loading design? Is it easier to load and unload than a front-load dryer?

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I have a FP top load dryer & I hate it. I can't reach the bottom of the dryer & have to use the reaching tool they gave my mom when she broke her hip. I know--my fault for not checking that, but the display was up on a skid or something & there was no way really to check. You cannot sit a bottle of detergent or anything on it because the lid isn't level & the bottle will slide off--found this out the hard way. I always folded clothes on top of my dryer, but you can't do that because the top is open. I sometimes left clothes or a laundry basket on top of the dryer. Can't do that if you are going to use the dryer. And the lid is horrible. It fell down on my arm once & I had a huge bruise. I guess I'm lucky it didn't break my arm. It would crush a child's hand or finger. And the lids are so huge I can't have the lid up & the cabinet open. I would not take one if someone gave it to me for free. And mine takes forever to dry. 2 hrs for some loads. And we de-lint it all the time. It has had to be repaired & the steel drum was completely rusted behind one area. I think it was where the air goes in or out. I cannot wait to get a front loader again.
I know this is not exactly what you asked, but I can come up with no way it is better. I would like to see that answer too. Maybe I've missed something all these years.

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Interesting. I don't have any of those issues. I find it much more ergonomic if the washer is also a top loader.
I went ahead and got a F&P dryer. I just timed a extra large load of towels and tshirts. 53 min. But that seems faster than my old one. Probably because it got a brand new duct and the whole in the wall was cleaned out.

The fire in my old one was an electric fire.

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