Hey Katekouros!

tantadoodlesFebruary 21, 2011

Don't mean to be rude shouting out your name like that but I needed to get your attention.

I also have a stacked w/d in a small closet with hardwood floor on the second floor and the vibration and walking is not good.

I was wondering if you ever installed the cow mat AND the good vibrations pads/discs under your stacked w/d. If you did --- how is it working for you?

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hi there. everything is installed but we got slammed with an unbelievable amount of snow and when they showed up to dig our new well, the contractor decided he didn't like the location of our trench. soooo, we needed a new trench dug, but couldn't have it done since the ground was frozen solid. we finally thawed out but are still hearing back from the well digging people (is that what they're called?).

i did have the stall matts delivered and they are installed -and i also have those anti vibration puck things on the units as well. if those suckers move at ALL i will be dumbfounded.

it's a new build and our GC has been the biggest jerk on the planet so things are very slow and painful. i will be sure to test everything out and post a message as soon as i can. promise!

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