is there a good washer out there???

kickballFebruary 2, 2013

I have the Fisher Paykal and HATE!!! it. It has black growing in it and now putting black on our clothes. We have had it almost 3 years. When it was still under warranty they would come out, take it apart and wipe off all the "crud" growing on it. I use the clean cycle to clean the machine often, but that doesn't help. So...I need a new machine and don't want anxiety attacks. Looking for a top loader that is good with delicates/hand washing and also blankets/towels. Want the clothes clean!!!

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No, there really isn't anymore thanks to government regulations. Speed Queen makes a good top loader, but even it has been compromised by a reduced water levels and lack of a true hot water wash.

My next washer will be a reconditioned used one made before all this nonsense got out of hand.

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How much do the Speed Queen Washers and Dryers cost?

Are there many different models?

Is it hard to find a dealer?


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Kickball, your F&P is a very versatile toploader if one learns the nuances of how it works and what it can do.

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Speed Queens fill 1/3 hot and 2/3 cold for a warm wash as the inlet valves have differently sized openings. On a hot cycle, only hot water will go in, as I understand, but it'll take a while due to the reduced size of the hot inlet valve. There is a workaround for that (either get a different valve of drill a larger hole into the existing one).

The fill can be raised to all the way up. Here's a YT video for that procedure.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have recently bought a speed queen AWN542 toploader. It washes with true hot water, warm is on the cool side but it is much better than the waveforce washer I had that destroyed my sheets. True due to government regulations it didnt fill to the top, but its a quick fix to say the least. It is more gentle than my old whirlpooll TL from the late 80's and a load is done in 35 minutes or less, and quess what, ITS CLEAN! Im shocked at how well it does clean, and I get no more dryer lint than I did with my waveforce. Its built like a tank to say the least let me tell you.

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I had an old Speed Queen that was pre-owned at my old house, loved it! Here I have an Amana that I bought at Lowe's around 2003 or so. It is the hardest working, best performing appliance in my house. My only complaint is that sometimes the delicate cycle will leave items dripping and very wet... But that means that it does treat delicate items delicately. The Amana set I got was the best appliance purchase I've made. And the Lowe's delivery guys were terrific too.

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I just brought a Speed Queen a couple of days ago AWN412. It will be delivered this coming Saturday. After watching youtube videos and looking at reviews, I decided to go with the Speed Queen. Top load He washers just don't seem to turn the clothes over enough and front loaders just didn't seem to use enough water to do a good job of cleaning based on what i saw.

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We purchased a pair of Speed Queen top load washer and dryer during this past Thanksgiving break. So far the experience has been exceeding expectation. They reduce laundry time significantly.

While in Europe, we used various front load machines, the long wash cycles drove us insane. We did not want to pay for a pair of Lamborghini in our laundry room. We also did not have the needs to challenge our scientific aptitude trying to figure out options on some of washers and dryers on the market. We wanted speed, convenience, quality and durability. We picked Speed Queen for the simple design, price point, and track record.

So far we have washed bath room rugs, towels, blanket, jeans, knits, silk tops, sheets, cottons, wools and cashmere sweaters. Everything comes out fresh, clean, dry without much winkles; white is white, color and shape is the same as before each article goes into the washer.

We had concerns about washer's capacity, but so far we don't feel any shortage when comparing our SQ washer to previous washers of larger capacity. I knew SQ washer only provides two speeds and it could be a shortcoming, but after it washed knits, silks, wools, and cashmeres..etc. with "hand wash and delicate cycle" so nicely, I am totally happy without any reservation.

Hot water is of same temperature as from hot water line. When I think warm water is not warm enough for certain items, filling the washer at certain level, I would switch to "HOT" setting. I don't feel the needs of altering water inlets.

Before our purchase, I heard about complaints regarding the water level and watched You Tube. The delivery man said if we altered machines' set up it could result warranty being voided.

But so far I don't feel the needs to change water level set up. Occasionally I wait until washer is filled and then add laundry so that it would bump up the water level somewhat, but now I think maybe it is unnecessary. Everything comes out fresh and clean, why do I need to have more water? I should stop doing that.

The washer is stable, it never "walks" or "shakes" even once as our old machine did. It never lumps clothes in a big tangle mess as our old machine did. We did not change our laundry behaviors, so these positive changes should give credit to Speed Queen.

One thing needs to note is that our SQ washer is not as quiet as our other brand old washer. Is it because the tub is made of stainless steel instead of plastic so that it produces louder echoes and magnified by laundry room tile floor? I don't know. But the sound does not bother us at all especially we always close the door to the laundry room.

The dryer dries fast and has not shrunk any article. Things come out fluffy and wonderful. I like the side opening door that let me shovel dried laundry directly to laundry basket. It is the most quiet dryer we have ever owned.

I never understand some Americans' Anti-Government sentiments. IMO, lots of Americans do not know how good a government they have. In addition, aren’t we the ones who ultimately decide what government we should/could have?

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Tony, I had a front loader for 10 yrs that served me very well. When it came time to replace it, I didnt feel like buying pedistals for the washer/dryer to the tune of 3 grand for the set. I went with a HE TL, loved it at first till it flooded my house at 2 yrs old due to a bad water pump. Then it started ripping my sheets up. If budget was not and issue, Id have a FL, but the speed queen has surpassed my expetations in every way! I used to say I would never go back to a TL, now I am adding katsup to my words and eating them LOL. You will be seriously happy with your purchase. Wth a 3 yr warrante to boot at no extra cost.

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TonyV45: "Top load He washers just don't seem to turn the clothes over enough and front loaders just didn't seem to use enough water to do a good job of cleaning based on what i saw."

We are on our fourth front-load automatic washer spanning 75 years and two full generations (since my parents were first married in the mid-1930s); the first three machines lasted an average of about 25 years each, and each of them used much, much more water per load than our current Samsung '419 does. But, despite using only a fraction of the water of its predecessors, our new energy-efficient washer gets our laundry every bit as clean as -- cleaner, in fact, than -- the earlier-generation washers. You do not need much water at all if you can put the clothes through it often enough. The trade-off, in other words, is not cleanliness -- that has improved -- but cycle times, which are much longer with the energy-efficient machines.

As an aside, I agree completely with azmom's sentiments about the gratuitous whining about governmental regulation that sometimes shows up here (and which, trust me, azmom, is far from universally shared among Americans). One suspects that there is an agenda underlying the comments that is not fact-based, but borrowed uncritically from mass media ideologues.

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Another extremely happy Speed Queen owner here. I have the AWN542 model purchased in May '12. I LOVE this washing machine! When my old Whirlpool finally bit the dust, I was appalled at the choices out there ... what a bunch of over-designed, cheaply made JUNK. After much searching online, I heard about the Speed Queen and found a small appliance dealer in my area that carried it. I'd already seen everything else out there, so I didn't hesitate to say SOLD as soon as I saw it. It wasn't cheap ($830 OTD), but it is a good, solid, simple, machine that is built to last and it doesn't have a bunch of electronic do-dads that I don't need or want. It also has a 3-year warranty. The Speed Queen is an awesome washer!

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Hmmm? When using a speed queen a wash cycle runs about 35-40 mins? How long does it take to dry a full load of laundry?

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"Hmmm? When using a speed queen a wash cycle runs about 35-40 mins? How long does it take to dry a full load of laundry?"

I don't have the Speed Queen dryer, but clothes washed in the SQ washer on the regular cycle dry in about 30 minutes in my Whirlpool gas dryer set on low heat. Clothes washed on the gentle cycle come out of the washer somewhat wetter, but I haven't noticed them taking any longer to dry ... I do tend to do smaller loads when using the gentle cycle, though.

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"Hmmm? When using a speed queen a wash cycle runs about 35-40 mins? How long does it take to dry a full load of laundry?"

I feel the drying duration is shorter since we spend much less time to finish weekly laundery, but I have never actually timed and compared the durations. As I mentioned before SQ dryer is quiet, so far it has not ruined any of our clothes. Everything comes out dry and nice. Towels, rugs and fleeces come out fluffy and wonderful.

I believe Speed Queen is getting more popular, especially with so many overpriced,underperforming, poorly designed and cheaply constructed laundry room gizmos on the market.

When our previous washer was dying, we started researching for washer and dryer. At the time there were only 3 SQ deals in the area. 6 months later; we had 5 more dealers, we purchased ours from one down the street.

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I believe Speed Queen is getting more popular, especially with so many overpriced,underperforming, poorly designed and cheaply constructed laundry room gizmos on the market.

Hmmm? How much was your Speed Queen?

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GregRod, I and other Speed Queen owners are here to share our personal experiences as consumers. We are not here to challenge others' choices, or sell the products.

From your other post, I learned that you paid less than $700 for a machine that satisfies your perceived value, more power to you.

To me, as well as many happy Speed Queen owners, we are convinced that Speed Queen washer is a simple machine, it is built with quality material to last, it provides easy operations and great performance. It saves time and work for us.

The washer and dryer come with outstanding warranty, after sale support and track record. We believe the price we paid is well worth it.

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I Paid 840.00 for my speed queen AWN542 on Jan 16, 2013 and let me tell you, it has been worth EVERY penny! It cleans as well as my Kenmore He3t front loader did. I have noticed a 10-15 min increase in drying times on heavy loads such as towels or jeans. I do not have a SQ dryer, I have a LG dryer that matches the waveforce washer. I never thought I would be sold on a tradtional TL again, but I was so wrong for so many reasons.

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I am not trying to challenge or sell. To each his own. However, I am here to share my experiencece as well. I am sure Speed Queen makes a good product, but I think that others should know how other machines work as well.

This is not a speed queen forum, but many just express their models as ones to buy while saying everything else is junk. People should know about different models by people who use the washer instead of a simple..oh HE washers are horrid and have strange doodads that no one wants.

That was my point on the other post.

Sorry if I ruffled feathers...

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GregRod, my apologies for using the term "junk" in my previous post. Of course other people are happy with their HE washers. In fact, I am the only person I know personally who has a Speed Queen (but I'm also the only person I know who raves about their washing machine!). I don't find bells and whistles to be attractive features in appliances, but I do realize that I am in the minority. I was just trying to make point that there is a lot to be said for a simple appliance that is very well made, but I should not have knocked everything else in attempting to make that point. I will reiterate though, that I was very happy to have stumbled across the Speed Queen during my search because it was exactly the kind of washer that I was hoping to find and I was afraid I was going to get stuck with buying something that I didn't want or like.

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Been seeing pretty much the same questions asked here for the past 10 years that I have visited. Every year a new model and a new manufacturer is favored and they all end up with enemies in due time. Miele not so much but even this holy grail of washers has had its complaints especially US models.
I still use my Maytag Neptune and dont plan on replacing it. I have enough parts to keep it going till Im dead. I just like the machines and they do a fine job in the laundry department and you get all the water you need to do the job and good and hot is good and hot when I need it.
The more you learn about self maintenance and the more you learn about proper laundering techniques the long you will own your machine.
Naturally there will always be lemons of every brand. You are the greatest key to longevity overall though.

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Another Speed Queen owner checking in. We have the front loading washer & dryer.

After two years of using them, I can recommend them because:

1) Quality Products (Very Heavy & Tank like con-

2) Short washing cycles (50 minutes or less).

3) No repair issues.

4) Clean clothes, not knotted up, coming out the washer.

What's not to like?

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Have been washing loads with the Whirlpool Cabrio top load machine for a month. It is an amazing washing machine. Washes the load using less detergent, takes about 45 minutes for a good sized load, uses much less water, and is fairly quiet. No complaints on the condition of the load when it comes out....I recommend this washing machine.

PS - the dryer is also amazing

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I have a Cabrio that is now six years old and is at the point to replace the control panel for the second time with repeated F1 codes. The first panel was faulty at delivery and now it happens again. Dark cloths never rinse well and the machine has ruined six fairly new long sleeve shirts as they were ripped at the seam at the underarm area no matter what cycle and speed I use. Other than that, it has been a great machine (insert humor), No problems with the dryer.

Time to move on and it looks like SQ is my best option. I am not interested in a FL as my laundry room configuration would make it difficult to fit them in and open the door leading to the garage. I do not have much laundry to do (four loads every two weeks) so the additional cost for water consumption is not as important as buying a machine that will actually last and I do not curse at on laundry day.

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