Which Trane system is better?

mdelaney16June 20, 2012

I need to replace my 3ton comfortmaker that is 13yrs old and have decided to go with a Trane XL20i hybrid system (two match my other unit I replaced 2 years ago).

I received 2 completing quotes and cant tell which one provides the better system?

Quote #1

AC Condenser - Trane XL20i 3.0 Model # T4TTZ036A1000C

COIL - Trane 3.5 TON HI EFF Model # T4TXCB042BC3HCB

Furnace - Trane XC80 80K BTU Model # TTUD2CO80ACV42A

Thermostat - Trane XL900 Model # TCONT900

Quote #2



Model Type: Two Stage Cooling

Model Number: 4TWZOO36B1000

ARI Reference No: 4792750

Capacity: 36,200

SEER: 18.25


Trane XC80 Furnance


Coil: 4TXCC007CC3

80,000 BTUs


I appreciate your insight, bc it is very confusing to compare apples to apples. Thank you in advance.

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Before I answer, several questions.

What is your location?

What is size of your home?

What is size of both furnace and condenser you are replacing?

Post back.


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Another point

I will come back about the performance/eff numbers , coil and thermostat selection later.

However your post says you have decided on a hybrid system, better known as dual fuel with gas furnace paired with heat pump.

In fact, with the mdl number of the condenser in Quote #1, this is in fact an AC condenser not a HP condenser.

Quote #2 is a dual fuel system.

Wanted to make you aware of this.


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