Miele Little Giant (PW6065): installation experiences?

Circus PeanutFebruary 24, 2014

hi folks,
We have been extremely fortunate to receive our dream washer, a Miele Little Giant (model PW6065 I believe) as a wedding gift and are now getting prepared for the installation. It hasn't arrived yet.

We've had our electrician install a NEMA L6-30 electrical connection/outlet on its own circuit as called for in the Miele specs.

Has anyone else bought and installed one of these washers, and could share any further experience from the installation that I can pass on to our plumber as he readies the piping? All other tips on use and care of this fabulous machine also welcome.

Thanks much!

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hey peanut -- I have the 3035 and really love it. Havent used a 6 but hope you will post and tell us when you get started.

The install on mine was shockingly simple. They brought it in, leveled it, plugged it in, connected the hoses. Then they ran a full Sanitize cycle, which is needed (2 hours). Then it was ready to use. The installer said that the machine is so programmed that the only thing to go wrong with an install is that it's not level -- and it won't run if it's not, he explained. These guys were excellent, walked the machines into the laundry room on straps. They had installed many Mieles.

To get started, you will need a little kit of powdered HE detergent and liquid detergent. Expect you may already have read some of the detergent threads so you know some of us also use special black wash and wool liquids. We use half or less than half of what the packages indicate even though the Miele booklet says to follow instructions.

Buffalotina and I put together a cheat sheet for the 30s which might also be helpful to you. I'll link it below.

But very best wishes on your marriage and the wonderful new machine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Fans Cheat Sheet

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Circus Peanut

Thanks so much, Rococo! After many years we decided to make it legal, so it's not the usual 20-somethings setting up a household, and we were surprised/delighted at the wedding gift.

The cheat sheet will be invaluable -- Mr. Peanut does most of the laundry and is fascinated with German technology.

I'll report back when it arrives and we get it in.

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No help from me. But I am so excited for you!!! I have a 3033 and drooled over the little giant. My dream machine :)

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How lucky are you to receive such an amazing gift. I purchased a 3033 set Summer 2012. Washing machine was quite capable of cleaning. Dryer, on the other hand, was not the performer I expected it to be. But the specifications on the Little Giant dryer should make it a far better machine.

Let us know your impressions after you get them!


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