Manually Starting Self Clean cycle on Electrolux Washer

kellycrashFebruary 10, 2011

So I've had my front load washer for 4 months & I haven't done a self clean cycle. I have been prompted by the machine to perform but I've always ignored it. I know it needs to be done, but wasn't sure how often. Now I know that when it's prompting me to do it, it needs to be done. How novel. lol

So, I want to do a self clean cycle manually.

I followed the instructions in the manual.

1. wake up washer by pressing any button rotate cycle knob to handwash press start and then cancel.

2. wake up washer again by pressing any button then immediately and simultaneously press and hold the eco friendly and control lock button for 5 seconds or until the LCD display changes.

Here's my question. Changes to what?? I held the buttons until the screen changed to "Ready".

I am not sure my machine is operating on the clean cycle. Water temp shows "cold/cold" and "low" spin. Wouldn't the cleaning cycle change these settings to "Hot/hot" & Maximum spin?

So convulted. Couldn't they have added a button that said "clean washer drum". Crazyiness.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here. Anyone have any tips/suggestions?

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I don't know if you had this answered already but that's not right. The steps are right but it should say "system clean" 41 min. It usually takes me a couple of tries for it to be right. Just make sure on the second step as soon as you push the button to turn it back on immediately push the eco friendly and control lock. Don't wait for it to say a cycle. I hope you had this answered a long time ago. i just found this post and it helped me because I couldn't find my manual, so thanks:)

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They must have changed this in the latest models, or maybe the Wave-Touch is different? The model wasn't specified in the original post. The most recent Wave-Touch models have the "clean washer" in the Specialty Cycles. So, you just spin the dial to favorites/specialty and select, select "specialty cycles" and then scroll through to "clean washer".

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Kellycrash.. you are correct in your directions.. with one exception... DO NOT let go of the eco friendly and control lock buttons... it will cycle past the handwash setting into the system clean mode. I was having the same problem but it finally occured to me to continue holding for the full 5 seconds the manual stated... it worked perfectly!! Hope this helps :)

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Well my solution to this was just to not ignore the machine when prompted for a cleaning. I just try to remember to not put in the detergent before I turn on the machine.

Thanks for your suggestions! I will keep them in mind should I need to manually start a clean cycle again.

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It only took me a year, but I finally was able to start a manual system clean with the instructions from the manual. Yay!! I ignored it the system clean prompt last time & it needed to be done. Woohoo. amhuerta, I believe your suggestion to hold the buttons down asap upon powering it back on was the trick I needed.
Thank you!

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@kellycrash: What page of the manual does it specify the clean cycle procedure?

I did a clean cycle and i just had to go to specialty cycles to select it.

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