Options for house with no A/C?

likeatortoiseJune 7, 2012

I'm planning to sell my house in Southern NY and it stands out from similar listings because it has no A/C (has oil based hot water baseboard heat). The house is naturally cool and doesn't really need it unless you hate heat--which some people do. What would be the quickest and cheapest way to give the house some A/C so as not to scare off buyers? (Window units would not add curb appeal so I wouldn't consider those).

It's a centre hall colonial, about 3000sq ft with a semi finished basement and unfinished attic. The mini splits sound interesting but he units are every bit as unattractive as window units, so those don't really seem like an option, unless you can bury them in the ceiling or something. Also, in a house this size it seems like it might cost as much as a conventional system.

I'd appreciate any advice on options!

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If all the bedrooms are on the second floor, then I suggest installing an air handler in the attic and installing the registers and returns in the ceiling. Cooling the second floor will make sleeping comfortable on hot nights. The cool air will fall to the first floor which will make it more comfortable than it is now.

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Agree with Mike above.

My house in Kansas City has the air handler in the attic, and a boiler for our main source of heat. We do have a large return in the ceiling of the upstairs hallway, and ductwork running to the main level as well. No AC in the basement.

We got a heat pump 2 years ago when our AC needed to be replaced. That is the what I would recommend if you were doing this for yourself staying in the house. Because with the HP, you have fast responsive heat for spring and fall nights when it is in the 50s at night and warmer during the day. In those conditions the house gets cold at night, and then the boiler comes on. It takes a couple of hours until it really feels warm and by then it's morning again and the boiler is off again.

Will you electrical panel support the adding of any AC? Something to consider.

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This sounds like great advice. I can also picture a duct coming down through a closet on the upper floor to put some cool air right into the kitchen on the first floor. The panel has plenty of room to add circuits and the house is only 15 years old so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm going to call some local companies today. Much appreciated!!

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