ASKO w6221 washer won't start

handymomof4February 11, 2008

Help!! I have an ASKO W6221 and it won't start. This has happened before and it was a dime stuck up in the hole off of the lint trap. Any ideas how to get it out? The repair man last time charged me alot of $$ to do this and I want to do it myself if I can. I am pretty sure that is the problem again, when I pulled out the lint trap I had about 6 pennies and a dime fall out. Thanks!!

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There may be other reasons your machine is being balky, but here's how to check your hypothesis:

UNPLUG THE MACHINE, do not proceed without doing this, no matter how inconvenient.

Then drain and open the coin collector. Get down on the floor with a flashlight so you can see inside and cautiously use a choptsick, or your fingertip to see if the little rotating impellor at the back of the opening is hung up. Start with very light level of poking and increase very slowly, but never apply a lot of force as it's possible to shear off one of the blades. Often if you lie on the floor you can see the stuck object, which helps in the removal.

Another thing to check is whether a hung-up drain pump drew enough current to trip your circuit breaker.

Do you get no indicator lights, or is it indicator lights but no filling and wash action? The first would point to a break in your power supply (breaker, fuse, etc.) and the later to an internal thing in the machine.



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It might be your circuit board. My same washer just died and the tech came and has to replace the circuit board. When I pushed start, I could hear a click like the cycle is going to start and the water would start to fill but it just sits and does nothing.

I had a dime stuck before and they came out and fixed it, but in that instance, it would fill and wash, but it couldn't drain the water, so the cycle would wash and fill but never drain.

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The problem with the machine is the brushes in the motor.
They wear out and loose contact with the commutator on the armature causing an open circuit. The motor is constantly changing speed (rpm) and reversing its direction.

This is the second time this has happened to me. The first set lasted approx 10 years the second set about 5. The brushes are the weak link in the system.

It takes about 20 minutes to remove the motor from the machine. you need a 13mm wrench and 13mm 3/8 dr socket. There are two philips screws on each brusholder and one wire. I takes longer to R an R the motor than replace the brushes.

There are brushes available on ebay. I took a close look studied the pictures and ordered what I thought was a match, and got the right ones. there are several different brushes for different machines and a lot of manufactures use the same motor.

The link attached is for the brushes that fit my w 6221 2001 vintage. If you check ebay europe you can find them cheaper but shipping is longer about 2wks.

Most domestic parts suppliers charge up to 72.00 per brush
I ordered 4 thinking i was getting two pair and got 4 pair and paid 15 lbs. for all delivered.

I got mine on Ebay.
Check out Andy

Hope this helps

Here is a link that might be useful: Asko Brushes

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anyone else have this SIMPLCITY model... to operate????
This post is just in brushes are worn in on my little old wm90.. model.......
It was slightly used ,got a bargain on it years ago from Appliance store.. A couple returned it. They said it took to long to wash>>>>>>LOL
Their losss was my gain
I even found rubber washer for the pin catcher at plumbing house....
Hubby replaced the belt just two weeks ago... and fill valve couple of times...
Just chiming in yall
years ago Asko said brushes not available. the parts lsts says the same thing.We spent over $200 for a whole new motor.. Now Hubby said brushes are worn and arcing....
So I guess we might as well try...

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