Need top loader recommendations

mschweberFebruary 17, 2012

If you were buying a high capacity top loader today, which one would you buy? Thanks for the recommendations.

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Traditional deep-fill agitator machine -- Fisher & Paykel EcoSmart, or Speed Queen.

HE low-water, impeller machine -- Whirlpool Cabrio or Maytag Bravos (model with water heating) or maybe an LG, or Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart (no water heating).

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Totally agree with dadoes!

Either the TOL Whirlpool or the Maytag, as both allow you to activate the heater on every cycle.

The WaveForce looks so cool but overall wash temps would be too cool for my liking as the heater only comes on in two cycles. I suppose you could choose the Hot setting to get a warm wash...

For a traditional top loader with agitator it would have to be SpeedQueen for its durability, gentle care and real hot or warm water washes.


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As long you do not have some strange need to boil your clothes then I would suggest the LG Waveforce any day.

Bright Whites is 120+ degrees and Sanitary is 150+ degrees which is more than adequate for most people.

As high a capacity as you will find, plenty of features, seems to be very well made, cleans clothes excellent even in cold water, actually cleans clothes exceptionally well in cold water.
It has 2 cycles for HOT water and yes it is better to use the regular "hot" setting in order to get a decent warm cycle which on ours is between 80-90 degrees depending on time of year and if I flush the cold water from my hot water line first.

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I would buy the same high capacity top loader I already own -- Maytag Bravos.

It meets every laundry need I have, and does it all extremely well.

I can use the internal water heater on almost every cycle, not just two -- and not just for true hot water, but also for true warm water.

Its huge capacity has allowed me to cut down wash loads from 7-10+ each week to 3-5.

I love being able to wash queen- and king-size comforters, sleeping bags, and pillows with ease.

Its high spin speed wrings so much water out of laundry, it dries in much less time than it used to -- at least half the time, if not less.

And much, much more.

There's not a thing about this washer which I don't like. :)

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