speed of washing machine

washuserFebruary 21, 2013


I have a maching machine with maximum speed of 1400 rpm.

But I am afraid that sometimes the speed is automatically reduced to lower limit. I donôt like this, I want the my washing machine always reaches the maximum speed because I spent a lot of money for it.

is there a simple way to measure the speed of the drum? stroboscope light can be a way? or other ways?

I thank you for your help


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You can try getting a Laser RPM measurement tool.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laser RPM Measurement

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Different cycles may have different max spin speeds. Have you checked your owners manual?

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Hallo Georgect and Oregpsnow,
thank you for your answer and for your help.

Oregpsnow: yes, I used the cotton program, speed must be max.
But I found a solution,maybe, see here below the link:


I put this app in my Iphone, it is fantastic for my goal!


what do you think?

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Wow washuser...that's so cool, thanks for the tip.

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I see you have already posted the question in the German forum. Your Siemens won't go up to max speed if it's unbalanced.


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yes I agree , machine is not spinning if unbalanced.

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