Question about Sears detergents

nyrgirl35February 6, 2013

Out of the 4 sears powder detergents, which do you like best? I'm not even sure what the difference between the green and orange box is? Is the pink box with fabric softner good enough to not add separate fabric softner? The blue box with oxi would it be better to just buy a separate box of oxi and only add to white washes? With so many to choose from not sure which one to get, was hoping to hear which works best for you and why? I have an LG front loader!
P.S. I don't like heavily perfumed laundry but would like clothes to have that fresh clean smell to them, rather then no smell at all!

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I know they fared poorly when Consumer Reports tested them for stain removal but a lot of people on this board seem to like them.

I have never tried them myself. I was going to try the unscented version but it seems they changed the formulation and it's getting a lot of mixed reviews now.

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I use the Sears Ultra Plus 'he' --- powder version --- in the blue box and really like it. It does not have oxi-bleach included, so I can add that when I do whites, or I use EcoVantage for whites.

Even though Sears Ultra Plus powder (he) is fragrance free, our laundry smells great. Consumers are programmed to think perfume smell=clean when in reality, perfume smell=perfumed laundry. Even dirty clothes coming out of the washer/dryer can smell "clean" with enough perfume in any detergent.

The Sears Ultra Plus powder got quite good ratings in the Consumer Reports magazine over any of the other free/clear detergents. Since we cannot use perfumed detergents (allergies..ugh) and I prefer powder over liquid in my front-load washer, this is as good as it gets for us.

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I first started using the Sears detergent in the green and orange box about 9 years ago when I got my first HE washer. It cleaned pretty well but seemed to leave my clothes feeling a bit rough. I think the formulation has changed cause when I recently tried it again, it doesn't seem to clean as well as I remember and definitely doesn't dissolve in anything other than hot water. I tried a test and put a tablespoon in a glass of warm water and let it sit on the counter; after about an hour, the detergent has mostly dissolved but there were little hard grains in the bottom of the glass that felt like sand. I could crush them but they wouldn't dissolve. I dunno what to think about it now, so I've gone back to using the Tide HE Free. I've always had excellent results with it, as well as most all other P&G products.

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I been using the stain fighting formula (orange box) in My Samsung Steam front loader. while it does not claim to be unscented it does not have much sent to it. I find it cleans well on most clothes you need to ad some oxy or bleach for whites but it works ok for me. I do use fabric softener and the clothes smell more like that than anything,

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Ive used the Ultra Plus He for about 4 or 5 years now. It cleans as well as most brands in my assessment. It can be very inexpensive when you find it on sale which is the primary reason I use it.
I absolutely love Persil though. It has a great fragrance, cleans great, and did the least damage to my machine as far as any kind of buildup of scale internally. It is just too darned expensive for me to budget though in comparison to Sears.
If you have a wide open budget I would get Persil. Otherwise Sears is probably the best bang for the buck around as long as they dont weaken it or change manufacturers like so many companies do when they get greedy.

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Consumer reports just came out with an updated rating and review. For HE washers, Sears Ultra Plus Powder 9879 was one of their recommendations. It was on the lower end, but recommended none the less. Link for purchase below.

With all the reformulations over the past year, I've been wandering through laundry hell. Going back to the Sears powder and liquids as soon as I finish using up the All and Wisk I have here.

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