replacing Air Condition/Furnace

rvijJune 18, 2014

I am looking to replace 3 units and furnaces in N
2 - 24 000 btu
1 - 30000 btu
1 is for 2 n floor.
Total House Area 4500 Sq ft Approx
I have Trane dealer gave a quote of $ 22000, replacing with TTR model
2 x 4TTR 6024
1x 4TTR 60304

Gas Furnace TUH2B060- 60000 BTU
2nd TUH1B040 40000 BTU

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You need to reorganize your post. Too confusing

Post each system for which zone and size living area.

You should have a filter box for each system.

What Mdl evap coil? What model thermostat? New refrigerant lineset?


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Sorry too new for this.
My Apologies ,
Yes it will be all new line set , refrigerant,
System #1 1700 sq ft Great room 3rd floor
Gas Furnace TUDI1A040G9H2
Evp Coil 4TXcc037
Trane # 4TTR6024
AHrRI # 6895736
#2 Living Area 1800 Sqft bedrooms 1st floor
Gas Furnace TUHI B040A9H2
A/C TTR6024
Evp Coil 4TXCB036
AHRI 5865098

System #3 Approx 1700 sq ft breakfast/kitchen area
Gas Furnace TUH2B06049V3
A/C 4TTR60304
evp coil 4TXCC037
AHR I 5865986

Quote Includes new HW 800 Thermostat and will it be more economical to change it in 2 zones instead 3?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
At present quote is $22000.
It seems high .
Please help I dont know a thing...

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Sorry for the delay.

Could you please tell me your location?

You need a load calc performed for each zone, cooling and heating. I don't understand the equipment selection nor the sizing.

Where will furnaces be located?

Also, could you give me the orientation of your home by each zone. This needs to be made clear.

Zone 1 is single stage XT80 furnace 40 K size with 2 ton XR16 AC condenser.

Zone 2 is Sgl stage XT95 furnace 40 K size again with 2 ton XR16 AC condenser.

Zone 3 is two stage XV95 furnace 60 K size with 2 1/2 ton XR16 AC condenser.

New refrigerant linesets included? New filter boxes included?

How many systems are you replacing? What size and efficiency are they? What are problems with existing systems, if any ?

What are the opportunities if any of combining zones and reducing 3 systems to 2 systems?


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Thanks for reply>>
This house is total approx 4500 sq NC. Triad Area.
1. Bedrooms are one one side Approx 1300 - 1400 sqft
2. The other side is Living room , den, kitchen and dining area. Approx 1600 sqft

At present we have 24000 BTU - 2 units (1 for Upstairs and 1 for bed room side)
There is 30000 BTU unit for the Kitchen Side.

The upstairs is 1 great room /bathroom and 1 bedroom approximately 1400-1500 sqft.

The house was built in 1993 and has 3 zones. HVAC.
I also want to make this a 2 zone system and so far 2 HVAC companies have not offered me this alternative.
All the ducts and vents are in place , Plenty of in floor Supply registers and return vents.
All windows are Double Paine Glass with plantation shutters. The flooring is Hardwood.
There are 3 bay windows and approx 15 other regular windows.
So far not many issues but bathrooms are pretty cold in winter though there are supply register in each bathroom.
The downstairs ceilings are 12 ' High and upstairs about 10.

The quote includes new line set and refrigerant lines also the 5 inch media filter.
Existing Units are as old as house.
The Outside units are working at present and upstairs units are not.
The furnaces are pretty shot as water is dripping in crawl space which is brown color.

The HVAC tech came and I asked for load calculation but he says that it is not needed and irrelevant as guidance are not accurate. ( I disagree).
I also feel the system he is trying to sell is older.
The 2 furnaces are in crawl space and upstairs furnace is in Attic.
The house still has orignigal /HVAC System.
It is Insulated pretty well.

Please let me know any other info is needed.

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