Miele Washer/Dryer Cheat Sheet?

rococogurlFebruary 23, 2013

There was talk on an older thread of doing a cheat sheet for the washer cycles. Wondering if this was ever done and if anyone has a link? If not, perhaps notes could be posted this thread.

My new pair was delivered Thursday. I read most of the older threads and have done about 8 loads. Coming off much more basic Asko and Bosch interfaces I'm not yet in command of the nuance.

What I did notice right away is that even with Sensitive setting in the main, I had to run several loads through Extra Rinse to get all the soap out. Plan to dial back from 2 tb to 1 and see how that goes.

Also, has anyone tried to approximate a profile wash using either the rinse (or beach towels perhaps) first and then custom?

Anyone charted which cycles have a cold fill and which use warm (besides the infamous hand wash) or is that something that just comes with experience.

The dryer is very different from the other two as well.

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Sorry, can't help with your question b/c I have not ordered the washer but I have a question to you personally.

Now that you have done 8 loads - probably, more by the time you are reading this -:) - how are you finding the washer capacity?

Is the washer what you had hoped for?

I am going to place the order tomorrow and would love to here what you think about it.


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eleena, it's early in my ownership arc and time does change one's perspective. I'm also still getting to know the machine. However, I do have 10 years with the Asko and 2 with the Bosch as benchmarks.

Miele capacity is better than Asko and close or equal to Bosch. It's the quietest washer and the one that gives the user the most control. Despite unuseful names, each cycle provides a variation to make it suitable for a particular load of laundry. Way more cycles and refinements than the other brands -- no comparison on that. I was hoping for a cheat-sheet having been done by someone on all the cycles to be posted -- perhaps it will emerge. I was looking to speed up my learning curve but I can DIM.

I'm super happy with the pair. Both w&d have features the other brands don't. So far, I'm happier with this pair in every aspect. Hopefully time won't change that.

The dryer is as nuanced as the washer. I have a lot of techno clothing with elasticizers and cotton-wool blends. Until now I had to line dry these but this dryer handles them perfectly without overheating. It does an equally good job on my sheets, which are all 100% cotton and were getting cooked in the other dryers.

My delivery and install went perfectly and I'm feeling this was money very well spent. Big gain in terms of quality and ease of use for me.

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Thanks a lot!

Still have not ordered, waiting to make a decision on the faucet so I could order them together.

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