Backsplash for 30 inch Range - Confused

valley11January 25, 2011

I am planning to buy a GE Cafe Series range and matching GE Cafe stainless steel 30" wide range hood. There seems to be conflicting backsplash opinions. Will a 30" backsplash look good or are they too narrow looking? My kd and appliance dealer say the 30 inch backsplashess are done all the time, and will look fine but from what I read designers say 36 inch backsplashes look much better. Since I am not planning on doing a chimney style hood but instead a 18 inch high professional style hood they say I should not oversize since it would be overwhelming. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi there! We also purchased a GE Cafe, and we got a 30" inch Zephyr Tempest Vent Hood. It will have small cabinets above it. I know the appliance forum says you really should get the hood slightly oversized, more like a 36", but our kitchen is small so we went with the 30".

According to our appliance guy, most people buying the GE get the 30". Our KD said it really isn't that big of deal but would be if you went for a more powerful, professional stove such as Viking, Wolf etc.

Regarding your backsplash, do you mean you'll just tile in back of your stove? There are some completed pictures on the kitchen blog that show slide in ranges that might give you some ideas.

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If you go to this Finished Backsplashes Slideshow and click play with your cursor on the 'stop' button, photos will go buy of so many ranges backsplashes that you will not believe it. Stop when you see ones that fit with what you are doing and do Save As on your computer. Then you will have lots of photos to go back over and you can print or send the ones you like to the KD. I think you will see that backsplashes extend past the cook top or range and flow under the cabinets at the sides. Then splatters from food prep or stirring also hit backsplash instead of painted wall. Does that make sense?

Here is a link that might be useful: Finished Backsplash Slideshow

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I am planning to do a 30" tile backplash over my 30" range. Some kitchen designers advise against doing this size backsplash because they feel it is too narrow visually while others say it is done all the time and looks fine. I am planning a stainless hood above the range and have been told to stick with the 30" hood and not to oversize. Any opinions would be very appreciated!
Thank you!

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What material are you using for your backsplash? Tile? Stainless? Glass? Something else? Are you talking about the size of a decorative focal point or just coverage for the wall behind the cooktop? Are you planning on any backsplash treatment anywhere else--behind the sink or below all the upper cabinets or...?

In most cases I'd imagine that the hood width (either the same as the range or, better yet for venting performance, slightly wider if possible) should determine the width of the backsplash area.

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Ah, I didn't catch that it's going to be tile before I asked my questions.

A 36" hood might give you somewhat better venting, which may or may not be important to you, and some people think that a hood wider than the range also gives better visual balance with the heavy rectangle of the range below. Look at lots of pictures and see which you prefer. Decide if giving up three inches of the uppers on each side matters, if there are going to be uppers.

Check the specs on your chosen range hood and see how high it should be mounted. Then draw it out with the range and the whole cabinet run and see if the proportions of the backsplash look right with the rest of your design. A designer's word, that it's often done or it's not often done, doesn't really matter so much as to whether it works in your particular kitchen, in your eyes.

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Here is my 30" GE Profile Induction Range and My GE 30" hood over it -- as well as the backspash we chose. Yes, I have a chimney style hood, but if you block over the upper part, maybe you can get an idea of what a 30" BS looks like, and whether or not you like the looks.

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Thanks rjr220 for posting your picture. Your kitchen is beautiful. Coincidentally I am planning the same type of glass uppers that you did so seeing your photo was extra helpful.

Thanks mnerg, I will draw it out and probably try some masking tape on the wall to try to get a better idea of proportions.

Have a nice weekend!

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If anyone else would like to weigh in I'd love to hear from you!

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I think this is a personal taste/style/opinion -
Also, largely depends on the other elements in the area -
posting a pic would be helpful
Have you looked through finished kit backsplash?
Good luck

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Our new "backsplash" is an oak-lined niche that runs from the top of the Profile range to the 30 inch Broan hood.

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