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phrogFebruary 1, 2014

I've been mentally editing my list of FL washer brands as I read the "Never Buy ___!" comments here. I'm at the point where I'd worry about any of the ones I was considering (LG, Maytag, Samsung in the $1,000 range).

Even more confusing, LG has the highest reliability rating in CR, but also seems to have the most warnings here about poor quality parts and lack of repair people.

My hunch is that I could almost toss a coin to choose brand, but I should buy the best, longest extended warranty I can find.

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The most reliable residential brand with the longest warranty is Speed Queen. Their home laundry products can even be used in commercial settings without voiding the warranty. I don't think any other residential brands allow for commercial use.

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phrog, here's a hint: It is not which brands have failures, but how, those times that they fail, they have those failures.

Looking at the data, we saw that the majority of failures reported for Samsung washers were for control motherboard failures, and they occurred in areas with "dirty" electrical power. So we purchased a Samsung washer, and, before we plugged it in, we put a Tripp-Lite "SpikeCube" (less than $10) in the mains socket to isolate the control electronics from the spikes and surges in the line feed. We have had no problems with the washer since installing it three years ago.

You may find similarly easy fixes to the types of failures that other brands experience.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tripp-Lite Spike Cube

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