2.5 ton vs 3 ton pkg'd heat pump

claire33June 27, 2012

I need to replace my heat pump (Carrier 2.5 ton) packaged unit. I got a price on a Trane (XL14c, 2.5t) which is good. Then I called my Carrier guy who I have known for years and he threw me a curve. He said it would be better to go with a 3 ton unit. His price on a 14 Seer is higher than the Trane. His price on a 15 Seer, 2 stage unit that has a good promo right now is only $600 more than his 14 Seer (single) and is $932 more than the Trane 14 Seer (single).

My house is only approximately 1000 sq ft interior. It's a wood frame cottage style, one level, with marginally decent insulation. Do I need a 3 ton? Is there much difference in operating cost over a 2.5 ton. From what I've read about a 2 stage system sounds good, but the 3 ton recommendation threw me. There are things I was impressed with about the Trane, but now I feel like I've been given apples & oranges to compare. Help please.

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Forgot to add, I am in East Tennessee, close to Great Smoky Mountains. It's a little humid and normal temps range generally from 25 to 92 through the year with the usual exceptional dips & rises (we will be over 100 for the next few days :).

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How did your old 2 1/2 ton pkg unit perform? You are certain it is a 2 1/2 ton?

More is not better. Can cause short cycling, poor dehumidification in AC mode, and can shorten equipment life. not to mention higher operating cost.

What size heat strip is quoted by Trane dealer?

Without more info to support a 3 ton choice, I would stick with the Trane.


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