12kg washing machine

r2149February 10, 2013

I am living in England and I am going to purchase a 12kg washing machine. What size is this (cu.ft.) compared to an American washing machine?

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I'm pretty sure 12kg is about double, or even triple the capacity of most american brand models.

I myself have a Whirlpool Duet, and it just barely has enough room to hold a comforter. I'm pretty sure it holds 6kg.. so your machine should be awesome.

Edit- I just went and checked, and mine holds 3.8 cubic feet. Hope this helps :)

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Don't worry, OneBigMess, any 27 inch US washer will be bigger than what's available in Europe. Your Whirlpol Duet is also available as Whirlpool Dreamspace in the UK and is labeled 11 kilos (24 lbs).

The capacity claims we have here as are grossly over-rated. Both LG and Samsung sell washers with a 12 kilo capacity at a drum volume of only about 80 liters or 2.8 cu.ft! If one would apply that crazy Euro standard to the 5 cu.ft. American Mega-Capacity washer by LG, it would mean the machine could wash 21 kilos or 46 lbs!

European washer get by with these capacity claims by extending cycle times to three hours and more so the massively stuffed drum has any chance of getting the clothes clean. Balancing the load for spin is a whole different story...

Anyway, to answer the original question: both Samsung's and LG's 12 kilo washers have a drum volume of roughly 2.8 cubic feet. If you want a larger drum you'll have to get the Whirlpool Dreamspace - but it's wider and deeper than any other European domestic washer.

Here is an internal shot of the 11 kilo LG: the tub is so big... no wonder the user complains about failing spin cycles.


Here is a link that might be useful: LG washer tub

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Still think "Dreamspace" is a better name for a bed than a washing machine....

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Probably because the tub size allows you to wash things you've never dreamt about...

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