Ok to wash heavy bathmat in LG front load washer

buddyboyincFebruary 26, 2013

We've had an LG WM3470HVA front-load washer for about a month now.

Today my wife tried to wash a very heavy bathmat from Costco (upwards of 15lbs when saturated with water) and a few other items and it threw a UE error. I wasn't there to see this happen. When she told me what had happened, I told her that it would always be off-balance with just one bathmat (she knew this but forgot). I put in another identical bathmat to help the balance and ran a "Rinse & Spin" cycle with the spin speed set to low, to check the vibration level. It seemed acceptable, so I ran a full wash cycle, but with the spin speed changed to low. It ran to completion, though because of the lower spin speed, the mats predictably contained more water and came out heavy (like our conventional top-load machine).

I would like to know whether we are risking premature failure by washing these heavy bathmats at home, and if these heavy items should be taken to a laundromat for washing.

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Been washing loads of towels weighing probably more than 40 lbs when wet for two years in my Duet now without a problem.

One item is likely to cause off-balance situations. Here's my attempt to wash a doormat. It took almost 15 minutes of balancing before the washer took off - despite the off-balance that you can see clearly at 13:30 min.


Here is a link that might be useful: Heavy doormat

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There was a post here long ago about someone washing a large, heavy cotton blanket in a Bosch FL. It soaked up all the water and got twisted, so it would never balance. When it spun it ripped apart the machine and ended up tearing off the door.

I wanted to get one of those bathmats at Costco but didn't for this very reason. I think it would be safer for you to take it to the laundromat.

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