How far can I run hoses to condenser?

attofaradJune 6, 2011

I'm doing a massive remodel, and replacing my furnace and ducts at the same time. I'm also adding A/C, and choosing a place to set the outdoor unit for a 5 ton system.

The closest/logical spot would violate side yard property line setback requirements, although I may be able to get a deviation.

How far can I run the hoses? Does performance suffer?

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Generally speaking, linesets (the refrigerant lines) should be under 50 feet for best performance.

If longer lines are used, then additional refrigeration specialty items may be needed such as suction line accumulators, TXVs, crankcase heaters, and low ambient kits. Also the longer lines will need to hold a larger amount of refrigerant, which adds some expense.

The vertical refrigerant flow must be accounted for as well, as forcing the flow uphill adds "work" to the system.

And for heat pumps, due to reversing, the max manufacturer-recommended (read: they will honor the compressor warranty) lineset length is 75 equivalent feet.

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Thanks for the answer.

My best/shortest run is in the range of about 48 to 55 feet. If I can't put it there, I'm looking at about 75 feet, or maybe somewhere less aesthetically pleasing. Total rise to the coil connection is maybe 6 feet (ground floor closet install). Not a heat pump.

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That's not too bad. I suggest using an experienced dealer, and make it clear that you don't want to skimp, and want them to verify the proper line size (sometimes different sizes are needed) and specialty items recommended by the manufacturer or distributor. If they know you understand that protecting the compressor may add a few hundred dollars to your cost, but that you are OK with that, then they will feel more comfortable getting you the best designed system.

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The condenser installation manual should have tables of line set size and length.

You may have some loss of capacity even with a larger line set.

Larger (or longer) lines will often also require additional refrigerant be added to the system at installation.

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