please tell me your paint colors in white/off-white kitchens?

mgkinzJanuary 6, 2009

Just wanting to see some pics of white/off-white kitchens and what the paint colors are...thanks a million

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I don't have any pics yet but I'll post when the paint is on the wall...should be soon. We chose BM's stonington gray for our white/off-white kitchen, with BM's cloud white for trim.

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I was hoping you'd get more replies as I too am wondering about paint color for my kitchen. Maybe you need to be more specific. Are you talking about just white cabinets or do you want an all-white kitchen? Have you perused the Finished Kitchens Blog for white kitchens? My kitchen will have creamy cabs and bisque appliances, so I want colorful walls but am afraid it could look bizarre. Good Luck.

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The closer you get to white, the smaller the number of drops of color in the gallon. My white / light kitchen will have a half drop of yellow / red in the gallon of white. That goes with the rest of my house (where nothing is gray or blue).


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My kitchen is more of an ivory/off white. It's Farrow & Ball's "White Tie" on the walls and Fine Paints of Europe's #9738 on the cabinets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ivette's Kitchen

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i have white cabinets with greenish/grey countertops. the paint on the walls is called grecian ivory/sw.....

depending on the lighting, it sometimes looks more tan and sometimes more green. i actually thought it was going to look a little more cream than it turned out, but i love it anyway!

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I have cream glazed cabinets and used BM Northhampton Putty on the walls. Its a medium range greenish/brown.

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I have creamy cabinets and my walls are painted BM Spanish Olive. It's a very soft green and goes overall with my whole colour scheme of cream/white/chocolate brown and green.

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i want white/creamy cabinets and a darker stained island just any white/creamy cab pictures are appreciated.
ivette your kitchen is gorgeous...i can only hope to have such a good result.
gglks...what is your backsplash made of? i've never seen anything like it.

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Cabinets are Ben Moore Ivory White, walls are Glidden Woodland Mystery (light green) color matched by Ben Moore.

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I am being encouraged by my DD and my neighbor (a designer) to use BM Straw - see pics. Yellow is not so bright in real light.

gglks ~I have downloaded a pic of your is fabulous!! Would love details ~ one of my favorites...BS decision will come much later for me!!

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I've posted these before . . . so if you've seen them and are bored, I apologize!!

My previous cabinets were white with a golden glaze, and the paint was SW Optimistic Yellow. I was so scared of using it, fearing it would feel like living inside a lemon, but I loved it so much that I'm using it in at least one room in the new house. A very clear, cheerful yellow that got a lot of compliments!


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My cabinets are SW Alabaster and the walls are SW August Moon. August Moon is in the second picture down. It looks a bit more musk melon colored in my kitchen than in the decorators picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: August Moon

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My Mom's is more transitional than traditional so we are trying to layer textures and pattern and add some drama with colour. Kitchen is a featurless interior room in an 80's build high rise condo. It has no window so shooting it can be tricky, my Mom sent me these today to show me the new central light installed:

Just daylight (it was overcast and snowy today) and the flash

with 3 different light sources (flash, the light and daylight), yikes too man light sources!:

I find the whites are more accurate in the first shot while the colour of the walls is more like in the second one. It is BM "Rusty Nail in a flat Aura paint while the ceiling is BM "Cloud White" in the same finish and paint.

This is in daylight with a flash but no overhead light:

This is last night with the overhead and under cabinet lights on and the flash:

It's a strong colour that sort of frames the cabinetry but there isn't a whole lot of it. Backsplash (inset backsplash in both sides of the "L" only no side splash) will be a 1x1 mosaic in off whites and soft beiges. My Mom didn't have a huge budget so she wanted to go a bit bolder and take advantage of some of the fun patterns and textures available in man made materials like laminate and sheet flooring. It isn't a space that lends itself to a cottagey white kitchen, old world elegance or sleek and modern so this was ideal and suits my Mom perfectly.

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I used BM Nantucket Grey and love it. These pictures are probably the most representative of it:

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mgkinz and nauset-----thanks!!!! i LOVE my is unique yet still traditional. it is made by a company called elon tile. it's called raised alabaster basketweave with ming green. there website is awful so i would recommend seeing if a local tile shop carries it so you can see it in person. if you are interested and can't find it in your area, send me an email and i can give you more information....

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I used BM Lancaster Whitewash. I is truly a cream, not white at all (I don't think).

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